Ariadne’s Thread – February 2023

Ariadne’s Thread – February 2023
February 16, 2023 Jana Stardelova

February 2023

Ariadne’s Thread is a monthly update of events, briefings and research for social change and human rights funders. 

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Ariadne News & Events

Are you joining us at Ariadne’s “2033” Annual Meeting in Berlin? REGISTER NOW!

The exciting agenda includes dynamic plenaries, a selection of visits to local sites of interest to human rights and social change funders and facilitated open space to bring up the themes that truly matter to your grantmaking and reflect on their implications and what we need to be doing now.

Did you also enjoy the possibility to connect with your colleagues during last year’s annual event, or is there a conversation you’re longing to have with your fellow grantmakers? Be it a challenge unique to our line of work or an elephant in many decision-making rooms, bring it to our candid conversations space, where nothing is off the table.
This “2033” Annual Meeting will be dedicated to the signals, the challenges, and the visions for how philanthropy should show up now, in 2023, in order to create this brave new world in 2033.

Join us if you:
– want to hear from future-oriented civil society leaders about what they are doing differently.
– want to address big topics in candid spaces, such as climate justice, racial justice, and digital rights.
– are eager to exchange ideas with peers on challenges related to grantmaking.
– like PowerPoint-free spaces and are ready to participate.

Do you need further information or have questions? Check out our FAQ section. 

WE ARE HIRING! Ariadne is hiring a Director of Programmes to help develop and manage Ariadne’s offerings for European human rights and social change funders in areas such as racial and gender justice, climate justice, and digital power.
Deadline for application: 5 March 2023.


– Together with EDGE Funders we launched a new campaign on Ending the NGO starvation cycle. Check our Twitter and LinkedIn, and visit to access the resources!
Join us today for the webinar on indirect costs coverage, financial resilience and breaking the starvation cycle. Learn more & register ‘From Research to Action: Indirect Costs and Financial Resilience.
– Learn from funders – Case Studies: We are happy to release the first case study with insights by Ford Foundation & Twaweza. Click to watch the video and learn more.

Germany Roundtable [virtual – ZOOM]
Date & Time: 16 February, 15:00 – 16:30 CET
Speakers: Lizzy Wazinski, Filia. die Frauenstiftung; Stefanie Bremer, Resource Transformation. Moderator: Martin Modlinger, DACH (Germany, Austria, Switzerland) Coordinator, Ariadne Network

ARIADNE’S MEMBERSHIP PORTAL: Meet our community moderators!

Aliyah Green, Environmental Justice community co-moderator. She works at the Environmental Funders Network, coordinating their communications and Rapid Response Fund. Previously, she worked with Groundwork London on a refugee integration initiative and before that, as a prison officer at HMP Brixton. She’s very interested in environmental justice and new economy work.
Cristina Goñi, Combating Racism and Xenophobia community co-moderator. After 7 years at OSF, in 2022 Cristina Goni took on the position of a regional manager for LME and DEI at Open Society – Europe and Central -Asia and led the creation of OSF’s first trailblazing MEL system. She believes in the power of intersectional justice and DEI practices to amplify the impact of OSF’s work as grant-makers in Europe.
Wiktor Dynarski, LGBTQI Rights Community co-moderator. Wiktor is a Team Manager with Open Society Foundations‘ Reassigned Grants Unit in New York City. Wiktor joined the Foundations’ Public Health Program in 2017 as a Program Officer to lead a global grant-making portfolio on trans and intersex health and rights and moved to the RGU in 2021.
Ezra Berkley Nepon, LGBTQI Rights community co-moderator. They are the Senior Program Officer for Knowledge and Learning at Global Philanthropy Project. Based in Philadelphia, Nepon joined GPP in 2015. Previous development work includes serving as Director of Grassroots Fundraising for Sylvia Rivera Law Project, Development Coordinator for the William Way LGBT Community Center, and as a partner in The Lafayette Practice.

Log in to join these communities, connect and collaborate with other funders on Ariadne’s Membership portal! Do you have a colleague that doesn’t yet have access to the portal? They can sign up here.
Need assistance? Take a look at our guide or email
All these resources and more can be found on Ariadne’s website and Member-only portal.


New Research, Articles and Judgements

Report: The Future of Work We Seek: A Philanthropic Agenda for Workers And the Digital Economy: IT for Change, supported by Ford Foundation, undertook an ambitious landscape study focusing on the impact of digital technologies on work and workers. The study spanned across sectors and geographies, to assess key issues across regions and develop actionable insights to aid the philanthropic sector’s decision-making and programmatic agenda, with the goal of ensuring a just and equitable future for all workers.

Report: The Protection and Promotion of Civic Space: Strengthening Alignment with International Standards and Guidance: In December 2022, OECD launched the first-of-its-kind flagship comparative report on civic space. To learn about the key findings, 10 high-level recommendations and reflections from renowned international experts visit their website.

Article: Weaving tech into human rights work: case studies with Amnesty Tech: In 2020, The Engine Room conducted desk research and interviews with Amnesty Tech to look at Amnesty International’s commitment to technology within their human rights defence work. They have now published the findings in the form of two case studies: The journey of Amnesty Tech: How a large organisation integrated technology into human rights work and Amnesty Tech Empowerment: Transforming digital security support for human rights defenders.

REPORT: Human Rights Watch 2023 World Report: The 33rd annual World Report summarises human rights conditions in over 100 countries and territories worldwide in 2022, including the right to abortion healthcare.

Report: New report on rule of law in the EU: ILGA-Europe published its report of submission to the European Commission on rule of law. It covers developments in eight EU Member States as regards rule of law developments in the countries which have had an impact on the fundamental rights of LGBTI people and their democratic participation. The largest attacks which we have highlighted to the EC are anti-LGBTI bias, harassment and intimidation of LGBTI human rights defenders, anti-LGBTI legislation, judgments not being implemented, hate crimes not being investigated. Read more on their blog and access the report.

Report: UNICEF – Prospects for Children in the Polycrisis: A 2023 Global Outlook: UNICEF’s Global Outlook report identified eight world crises that could adversely affect children around the world in 2023.

Article: A power shift to the front lines of the climate crisis: Learn about Climate Justice Resilience Fund’s (CJRF) journey to shift traditional power structures in philanthropy, and why they believe that the people facing the problems and doing the work should take charge of decisions about funding. Read more.

Report: Beyond Hunger: The Gendered Impact of the Global Hunger Crisis: The report published by PLAN International highlights that at least 345 million people across 82 countries are currently facing or are in risk of acute food insecurity, with 50 million people on the brink of starvation, teetering on the edge of famine.


Blogs and Other Sites of Interest

Podcast: Future Perfect | Futur Antérieur: The Future Perfect podcast, launched by Liliane Umubyeyi and Amah Edoh aims to act as tool to support racial justice struggles across Europe, Africa and the Americas. Listen to the episodes.

Discussion piece: Disinformation and Democracy: Reimagining Data Access for Policymaking: Disinformation and Democracy: Reimagining Data Access for Policymaking: In this piece, Jasmine Erkan, explores how access to social media data is key to providing an answer to questions such as: How should policymakers and regulators approach the online disinformation phenomenon? What are the main challenges in addressing and countering online disinformation? Read more.

Article: Three Ways Grassroots Activists Change the World: We are all familiar with protests and court cases, but what other tactics and strategies do grassroots activists employ? The Fund for Global Human Rights breaks down how activists’ work tackling inequalities creates a better world for us all. Learn more.

Podcast: #FutureCommunities: The podcast shares Co-op Foundation’s learning as they work with others to build communities of the future together. Co-op Foundation believes co-operation is at the heart of strong communities. They asked young people to shape their vision, and now they are co-operating with them and others to turn this into reality.


Article: ‘There is no standard’: investigation finds AI algorithms objectify women’s bodies: Images posted on social media are analysed by artificial intelligence (AI) algorithms that decide what to amplify and what to suppress. According to an investigation by The Guardian supported by the Pulitzer Center’s AI Accountability Network, many of these algorithms have a gender bias, and may have been censoring and suppressing the reach of countless photos featuring women’s bodies.

Report: OECD – Equity and Inclusion in Education: This report examines how education systems can respond to increasing diversity and foster greater equity and inclusion in education. Based on a holistic framework for studying diversity, equity and inclusion in education, the report examines five key policy areas (i.e., governance; resourcing; capacity building; school-level interventions, and monitoring and evaluation), provides examples of policies and practices, and offers advice on promoting more equitable and inclusive education systems.

Report: FRA – How did cities welcome displaced people from Ukraine? The EU’s rapid activation of the Temporary Protection Directive enabled displaced people from Ukraine to settle in different Member States. This allowed them to find work and access to social welfare, healthcare and education. To better understand what local authorities are doing, the EU Agency for Fundamental Rights (FRA) approached selected cities in the EU. The Agency consulted with cities that actively promote fundamental rights in the context of FRA’s work with Human Rights Cities. Read more.

Report: OECD –  Supporting Lives Free from Intimate Partner Violence:  Many OECD governments regularly identify violence against women as the top gender equality issue their country faces. This report presents a stocktaking of OECD governments’ efforts to integrate service delivery to address the most prevalent form of gender-based violence against women: intimate partner violence. It presents an overview of different strategies for coordinating key services commonly offered in OECD countries.

Do you have a great blog post, case study, or podcast you’d like to contribute? We would love to feature it. Contact us.


AWID: Gender Impact Investing & The Rise of False Solutions: This report dives deeply into the world of gender impact investments from a critical feminist lens. Read more.

Report: Achieving Gender Equality through feminist grantmaking – The Women’s Funds Model:  Women’s Funds Europe (WFE) is a coalition of 13 Women’s Funds based in 11 countries led by and for women, girls, trans, intersex, and non-binary people in all their diversity. Access the report to learn more about their work, approach and recommendations.

Our Future is Public: Hundreds of organisations across socio-economic justice and public services sectors, from education and health services, to care, energy, food, housing, water, transportation, and social protection, are coming together to address the harmful effects of commercialising public services, to reclaim democratic public control, and to reimagine a truly equal and human rights oriented economy that works for people and the planet, demanding universal access to quality, gender-transformative and equitable public services as the foundation of a fair and just society. Read more here.

Article: To shift power, fund entire ecosystems: In this article Clare Gibson Nangle from the Fund for Global Human Rights and Devon Kearney, discuss how elevating grassroots activists’ strategic visions for social justice is critical for funders looking to support long-term, systemic change.

Article: Ways Funders Can Build Authentic Partnerships With Trans and Nonbinary Communities: Trans movements are already building a future where all people can thrive. Funders can exponentially grow their impact, starting by following the lead of trans advocates of color. Read more.

Report: Elevate Children Funders Group: Now available in Spanish: Weaving a Collective Tapestry & Manufacturing Moral Panic: Elevate Children Funders Group translated into Spanish two of their most field-shifting reports, released over the last two years.

> Cómo Tejer un Tapiz Colectivo: Guía práctica sobre la participación de la niñez y la juventud para financiadores (Weaving a Collective Tapestry: a Funders’ Toolkit for Child and Youth Participation)
> Fabricar el Pánico moral: Usar la niñez como arma para atacar la justicia de género y los derechos humanos(Manufacturing Moral Panic: Weaponizing Children to Undermine Gender Justice and Human Rights)

Shaking up philanthropy: The transformative potential of 2020-2022 funding trends: From pledges to new technologies and changes in grantmaking practices, it certainly feels like the last few years have brought positive shifts towards more and better quality funding for social justice. But how widespread are these changes and will they be sustained? Click to read.

The next Thread will go out on Thursday 16th March. We would love to hear from you! Please contact us by Tuesday 14th March if you would like to share announcements, events, or resources for the next issue. 


Jobs and Tenders

Grants Officer – Global Fund for Children. The Grants Officer is responsible for ensuring the day-to-day efficient and accurate operation of GFC’s global grantmaking efforts. In this role, the Grants Officer will serve as the primary link between the Programs Team and the Finance Team, making sure that information collected by the Programs Staff is complete and that the correct procedures are followed to move grants into the next steps of the grants process. The Grants Officer will support grantmaking operations with Global Fund for Children’s (GFC) Washington, DC office, the UK Trust, based in London, and GFC staff dispersed throughout the globe. Location: The Grants Officer is preferred to be based in either Washington, DC, or London, but qualified candidates in any region or country are encouraged to apply. Candidates are encouraged to apply as soon as possible.

Grants Management Associate -Wellspring Philanthropic Fund. Wellspring Philanthropic Fund seeks a Grants Management (GM) Associate. The GM Associate will be a frontline provider of the grants management function in support of a range of program areas. Specifically, the GM Associate will serve to backstop the full Grants Management team during high volume periods, requiring a high degree of flexibility and an ability to liaise effectively with a variety of team members and program staff. The Grants Management Associate is a vital member of Wellspring’s operations unit, charged with monitoring a subset of grants for legal compliance and adherence to Wellspring’s internal guidelines while maintaining supportive relationships with grantee partners and contributing to the GM team as a whole. Location: New York, NY (Times Square area). Candidates are encouraged to apply as soon as possible. Salary: $81,000-$95,000.

Program Officer (PO) – Disability Rights Fund. DRF is seeking a Program Officer (PO) to manage the annual rounds of grantmaking in Nigeria, implementing country-specific strategies to advance the rights and inclusion of persons with disabilities. The PO role is also responsible for providing oversight and support to applicants and grantees, monitoring and communicating results, integrating lessons learned, and contributing to refinement of the grantmaking process toward incorporating best practices in funding disability rights and inclusive development in the Global South. They will work closely with the Regional Head of Programs-Africa (RHOP), as well as the Advocacy, Technical Assistance (TA), Monitoring, Evaluation and Learning (MEL), Communications, and Development staff to ensure that DRF grantmaking in Nigeria is well-aligned, executed, evaluated and reported. The ideal candidate will take an intersectional approach to advancing disability justice, human rights and gender equality. Persons with disabilities in Nigeria are strongly encouraged to apply. Location: Nigeria. Candidates are encouraged to apply as soon as possible.

Management Assistant – Porticus. The Management Assistant will report to the Head of CEO Office/Business Manager CEO and is part of the CEO Office. The CEO Office functions as a bridge between the CEO, the MT and the rest of the organisation. This dynamic team works to support management in keeping the oversight of all activities within the organisation, having the information and processes in place for effective decision-making and in enabling an accessible and open culture while managing issues of confidentiality where required. The Management Assistant will have the ability to exercise good judgment in a diversity of situations, with strong written and verbal communication, administrative, and organizational skills, and the ability to maintain a realistic balance among multiple priorities. Location: Amsterdam, the Netherlands. Candidates are encouraged to apply as soon as possible. Salary: 41.000€ – 52.000€.

International Program Manager – Kering Foundation. The Kering Foundation is looking for a highly motivated and mission-driven social impact professional with a passion for making a difference. Within the Sustainability Department and reporting to the Executive Director of the Kering Foundation, the International Programme Manager will contribute to the design and implementation of an impactful funding strategy within a team of 5 people. The Foundation favors an approach based on consultation or co-construction with its partners. It supports a limited number of programs mostly with local organizations for a minimum of 3 years and promotes active collaboration with these organizations as well as with other funders who share the same goals and can magnify its impact to the benefit of women. Location: Paris, France. Candidates are encouraged to apply as soon as possible.

Supervisory Board Member, Legal/Finance – Mama Cash. Mama Cash is governed by an international Supervisory Board, currently comprised of ten members from around the world who together bring a range of skills and experience to the Mama Cash team. In line with the vision and mission, the governance structure and the composition and work of the Supervisory Board is driven by feminist values. The role of the Supervisory Board is to provide strategic oversight and support to Mama Cash by supervising, advising, challenging and supporting the Co-Executive Directors/Managing Board and their team, and ensuring that the organisation fulfils its statutory duties and responsibilities. The Supervisory Board plays a key role in ensuring that Mama Cash maintains and delivers its vision, mission and strategic goals. Location: Netherlands. Candidates are encouraged to apply as soon as possible.

Various positions – La Fondation Abbé Pierre
Various positions – Fondation de France
Various positions – Wikimedia Foundation
Various positions – Open Society Foundations
Various positions – American Jewish World Service (AJWS)
Various positions – Firelight Foundation


Global Director, People and Culture – Ford Foundation. The Foundation’s People & Culture team (P&C) operates with a Business Partner/Center of Expertise (CoE) model. The Global Director, People & Culture (Director) is a senior level staff position that provides the overall strategic direction for the business partner group as well as for the design and delivery of global P&C programs and initiatives. Reporting to the VP & Chief People Officer, the Director is tasked with designing, implementing, and directing a best-in-class function and serves as a strategic thought partner to their peers in P&C and to other organizational leaders. Location: New York City, United States. Salary: $217,000 – $253,000. Candidates are encouraged to apply as soon as possible.

Director, Organizational Effectiveness and Excellence – Ford Foundation.  The Ford Foundation firmly believes that diversity, equity, and inclusion are at the heart of organizational excellence and impact. The Director, Organizational Effectiveness and Excellence (DOEE) is a leadership role with primary reporting to the Vice President and Chief People Officer and a dotted line reporting to the Executive Vice President, Global Programs. The DOEE will partner with organizational leaders globally to help develop, align, and drive forward the key diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) strategies of the organization to support broader organizational strategy, improve process and management effectiveness, and ultimately organizational excellence. Location: New York City, United States. Salary: $217,000 – $253,000. Candidates are encouraged to apply as soon as possible.

Portfolio Officer/Swyddog Portffolio – The National Lottery Community Fund (Full Time/Part Time). We’re looking for four proactive, engaging and pragmatic people to join the UK Portfolio Team as Portfolio Officers. Portfolio Officers are at the core of what we do, they work closely with grant seekers to support them through the funding, assess their applications and provide recommendations to the decision makers. They also work closely with grant holders ensuring public money is spent appropriately within communities across the UK and share learning and insights from the work we fund. Location: Belfast, Birmingham, Cardiff, Exeter, Glasgow, Leeds, London, Newcastle and Newtown, UK. Salary: £25,019 – £29,000. Deadline for application is 19 February.

Regional Analyst – Porticus. The Regional Analyst (RA) will work in tandem with this matrix structure and support both EPG and meeting regional monitoring, evaluation, and learning (MEL) needs in LATAM and North America. The RA would enable the delivery of Porticus’ strategic priorities, including programs within sectors and strategic grant-making outside of sectors, and support Regions to develop the regional strategy, which includes providing expertise and advice in strategy, monitoring, evaluation, and lessons learned (SMELL) to Regional Directors, Programme Managers and Grant Managers in Latam and North America. Location: São Paulo, Brazil. Deadline for application is 19 February.

Learning and Evaluation Director – Thousand Currents. The Learning and Evaluation Director (L&E Director) will lead and manage the org-wide learning and evaluation systems, processes and activities. They/she/he provides expertise and guidance for evaluation, measurement and other L&E-related activities to Thousand Currents staff members, with a goal of understanding the effectiveness of the program activities, demonstrating the impact, and informing strategic decision making. Location: Remote, Flexible. Salary: $104,550. Deadline for application is 20 February.

Director of People and Talent – Thousand Currents. Thousand Currents is thrilled to launch the search for the first Director of People and Talent. Thousand Currents is a dynamic, values-based global organization of twenty-seven staff, in the midst of a period of significant growth in a rapidly evolving environment. After several years of sustained growth, they are seeking an experienced human resource professional and systems thinker to join the Finance & Administration team. Location: Remote, Flexible. Salary: $104,550. Deadline for application is 20 February.

Marketing Trainee – The Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation. Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation is looking for a Trainee to join the Marketing team, who will have the opportunity to work with a multidisciplinary team and contribute to the vast universe of activities of one of the most important Foundations in the world. Location: Lisbon, Paris or London. Salary: Paid. Deadline for application is 22 February.

Director of Programmes – Ariadne. Ariadne is hiring a Director of Programmes to help develop and manage Ariadne’s offerings for European human rights and social change funders in areas such as racial and gender justice, climate justice, and digital power. Location: UK or Europe, Remote. Salary: 60,000 GBP. Deadline for application: 5 March 2023.

Junior Professionals FMO – EEA and Norway Grants. EEA and Norway Grants expects candidates who are eager to work on overall objectives of the Grants to reduce economic and social disparities in the European Economic Area (EEA) and to strengthen bilateral relations between the Donor States (Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway) and the 15 Beneficiary States in Central and Southern Europe and the Baltics. The Grants are based on a programme model where the Beneficiary States are responsible for the programmes and for projects implemented under the programmes.   Location: Brussels, Belgium. Salary: EUR 1,675. Deadline for application is 5 March.

Director of Charity Development – Lloyds Bank Foundation. The Director of Charity Development will play a key role in developing and delivering the new strategy Building a Better Future launched in October 2022. You will bring together all the support to small and local charities, from direct unrestricted funding to helping charities build their skills, capacity and resilience. You will also play a pivotal role in emerging work to support local collaborations of charities. You will be responsible for the strategy, delivery and distribution of approximately £15m each year, including an extensive range of capacity building support to around 600 small charities across England and Wales who work on some of the toughest social issues. Location: Hybrid in England and Wales. Salary: Approx. £90,000. Deadline for application is 13 March.

*For more jobs, see the ‘Career Opportunities’ section of the Ariadne portalTo address pay gaps in the charity sector, we strongly encourage you to #showthesalary in your job adverts.


Public Meetings


22 February

Donor Briefing on Iran, Woman, Life, Freedom: A conversation for funders on what is required to be in solidarity with historically marginalized communities and social movements in Iran. Please join us on February 22, 2023, from 11:00am to 12:30pm EST for a conversation around what funders could do to be in solidarity with historically marginalized communities and social movements in Iran. The call will uplift the voices of Iranian women human rights defenders discussing Iran’s feminist movement, ongoing protests, and the situation of women human rights defenders as well as peer funders who will talk about ways donors have committed to addressing structural inequities and stand in solidarity with Iranian women and their struggle for equality. To join the event, register here.

9 March

Freedom in the World 2023: Marking 50 Years in the Struggle for Democracy. Join Freedom House on 9 March at 10:00 AM ET for the launch of the 50th edition of Freedom in the World, which has been tracking global trends in political rights and civil liberties annually since 1973. The event will feature researchers presenting key findings from the 2023 report, followed by a panel discussion on the implications of those findings and the state of democracy worldwide. Speakers and panellists will be announced soon. To join the event, register here.


20th – 24th March

Mozilla Festival. MozFest is a celebration for, by, and about people who love the internet, showcasing world-changing ideas and technology through exhibitions, talks and interactive sessions. MozFest is a unique hybrid: part art, tech and society convening, part maker festival, and the premiere gathering for activists in diverse global movements fighting for a more humane digital world. Register here for the event taking place from 20 to 24 March 2023.


16 February

The Journalism Funders Forum will come together on 16 February to explore philanthropy’s role in safeguarding independent journalism, hosted by Philea in Philanthropy House, Brussels. In light of the growing threats to press freedom around the world, as well as challenges to its long-term financial sustainability, the Journalism Funders Forum is convening an in-person meeting in Brussels on 16 February 2023. Together with you, we aim to improve learning and knowledge about journalism funding, increase the number and diversity of journalism funders and help build a more effective, transparent and equitable funding environment for journalism in Europe. The meeting will be a mix of plenary sessions and roundtables, each one of these facilitated by a member of the Steering Group on a relevant topic (funder collaboration, funding thematic areas, and funding new platforms). Register here for this event taking place on 16 February.

Ariadne’s core operations are supported by the American Jewish World Service, Charles Stewart Mott Foundation, Oak Foundation, Open Society Foundations, Rockefeller Brothers Fund, and Sigrid Rausing Trust.

Ariadne is also supported by voluntary contributions from its participants.

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