Ariadne’s Thread – February 2024

Ariadne’s Thread – February 2024
February 14, 2024 Jana Stardelova

February 2024

Ariadne’s Thread is a monthly update of events, briefings and research for social change and human rights funders. 

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Ariadne News & Events

Join our Susan Treadwell Change Lab!

In honour of the late Susan Treadwell, we are launching a learning journey for philanthropy practitioners who live at intersecting sites of oppression, along the lines of race, gender, class, disability, religion, sexuality, and other forms of identity. We particularly welcome practitioners from racialised, migrant and global majority communities. Facilitated by Ariadne and developed with participants, this programme will embed opportunities for an iterative approach and collective action.

Learn more about the Lab!
Check out the Lab’s FAQ’s.
Download our one pager here.

Join us today for Ariadne’s United Kingdom Forecast Roundtable: Thursday 15 February
London (The Foundry, 17 Oval Way, London SE11 5RR)
For more info & registration, click here!

22 February: Funders’ learning lunch with Global Partners Digital:
The European AI & Society Fund in cooperation with OSF and Ariadne is pleased to invite you to the next Funders’ learning lunch with Global Partners Digital. The event will take place on Thursday 22 February at 15:00 CET via Zoom. To attend, please register here.

Member-only Coffee with Ariadne – Advancing Human Rights Initiative:
For more than a decade, Ariadne has supported Advancing Human Rights, a research initiative to track the global funding landscape for human rights. Conducted in partnership with Human Rights Funders Network, Prospera, and Candid, this research is the single most comprehensive mapping of human rights funding around the world. As a member of Ariadne, you have access to this data.

Join us for a coffee catch-up with the team where we’ll be joined by Rachel Thomas from Human Rights Funders Network to give us an overview of the Advancing Human Rights Research and how you can be part of the story.  The event will take place on Thursday 14 March at 2:00 PM GMT / 3:00 PM CET via Zoom. To attend, please register here.

Ariadne’s 2024 Annual Reconnect:

The registration is open for Ariadne’s 2024 Annual Reconnect, taking place in Tbilisi, Georgia, from 22 to 24 April 2024, where we’ll also celebrate Ariadne’s 15-year anniversary!

Ariadne’s 2024 Annual Reconnect will take place from the 22nd to the 24th of April and HRFN’s Global Funding Futures Festival will be held from the 24th to the 26th of April. The 24th of April will be an overlap of both events with joint sessions and networking opportunities with civil society, in partnership with Women’s Fund in Georgia.

For further information, including registration fees and discounts for attending the whole week, check out our event microsite.

Members are sharing on Ariadne’s Community Hub! Log in to join the diverse communities, connect and collaborate with other funders on Ariadne’s Community Hub! Don’t have access, you sign up here. Need assistance? Take a look at our guide or email to schedule a demo.

All these resources and more can be found on Ariadne’s website and Member-only Community Hub.


New Research, Articles and Judgements

Trust, Accountability, and Inclusion Collaborative (TAI) – Funding trends to anti-corporate capture work: The latest report by TAI details funding to counter the hidden influence of corporations on decision-makers and public institutions. Access the report here. Join the conversation on anti-corporate capture work on LinkedIn.

PICUM brief ‘Working together to end immigration detention: A collection of noteworthy practices’: This brief by PICUM on immigration detention, aims to acknowledge the important work done by civil society across Europe with the ultimate goal to end immigration detention. In particular, it looks at:
– civil society initiatives to improve access to detention centres;
– laws and campaigns to end child detention;
– community-based models to prevent and replace detention.
Read the full brief.

Women’s Environment and Development Organization (WEDO) report: “Towards Economic and Climate Justice: A Feminist Analysis of Critical Trends”: The report by WEDO surveys recent macroeconomic trends in areas spanning debt, taxation, global economic governance, trade, climate finance, and corporate capture – and highlights their links to gender justice. Though it highlights alarming economic trends, it also spotlights local sites of struggle and global advocacy proposals – such as an African-led initiative to bring international tax cooperation to the United Nations – towards transforming our economic systems. Access it here.


European Network Against Racism (ENAR) – Anti-Racism Map: Following the first-ever EU Anti-racism Action Plan in 2020, it’s time to see which countries are keeping their word. ENAR is introducing an interactive Anti-Racism Map – revealing who’s leading the charge for racial equality and who’s falling behind. Dive in to explore where your country stands.

DAWN Informs: Towards Feminist Digital Justice: This issue of DAWN Informs delves into the profound impact of digitalisation on women and LGBTI+ rights in the global South. Beyond navigating the challenges of a digitally mediated world, it also aims to set the stage for activism that supports the agenda of feminist digital justice. The authors of the articles include feminists working on the frontline of feminist digital justice with diverse experiences, from social movements, countries, and regions. Access it here.

International Women’s Media Foundation (IWMF) – Mapping Report 2024: The Mapping Report 2024 by IWMF sheds light on the powerful initiatives of the Coalition Against Online Violence (CAOV) and its member organisations. Dive into the Digital Safety strategies, from prevention to response, and discover how CAOV’s collective efforts strengthen the support ecosystem for journalists and individuals facing online violence.


Blogs and Other Sites of Interest

Transform Justice Podcast: ‘From cells to streets – the revolving door of crime and homelessness’. In this episode, philanthropist and prison reformer Edwina Grosvenor and author, former prisoner and Own Merit co-founder Steve Gallant to discuss how and why the justice system is failing prison leavers. They explain how they are taking matters into their own hands by creating positive and supportive spaces for former prisoners to live in as they work to reintegrate into society. Listen now.

Both ENDS launches strategy development process: Check out the video in which interim directors Annelieke Douma and Karin van Boxtel share what Both ENDS has in store this year, while continuing to stand firm for environmental and human rights and focus on cooperation; beyond debate to real conversation. Watch it here.

Opinion piece ‘The Global Femicide Epidemic’: ‘Despite general homicide rates decreasing, femicide cases have been rising continuously in the last two decades. And still, these figures only paint a fragmented picture of a blunt reality: a significant number of femicide victims (around 40 per cent) remain unaccounted for in the UN report, as they are not categorised as gender-related killings due to variations in criminal justice recording and investigation practices across nations’. Read more.

Fund for Global Human Rights: Human Rights & Pop Culture Club: The “Human Rights & Pop Culture Club,” is a rubric in which the Fund’s staff recommend books, articles, films, and podcasts that help them understand the world and inform their work. In this edition, Rona Peligal, vice president for development and communications, shares what she’s been reading, watching, and listening to recently – link.

How to fund narrative ecosystems: In this article, Mandy Van Deven and Jody Myrum share insights from global narrative practitioners that are uncommonly heard within philanthropy. They also provide an in-depth analysis of the practice implications for funders that aim to support narrative work through grantmaking and capacity building.

Practising Mindful Practice Podcast: This new series of podcasts by Tyne & Wear Archives and Museums (TWAM) funded by the Baring Foundation, is designed to support museums and heritage professionals to set up creative programmes in mental health and addiction settings.  Learn more and listen here.

Center for Effective Philanthropy (CEP): Learning from Grantee Feedback: Policy, Process, and Cultural Changes That Make a Difference: In this article, Luc Athayde-Rizzaro, Grantmaking Effectiveness Officer and Bess Rothenberg, Senior Director, Strategy and Learning, both of Ford Foundation, share insights about the Foundation’s learning from grantee feedback. Access the article to learn about its commitment to intentionally strengthen its role as a learning organisation, dedicating people and resources through the establishment of an Office of Strategy and Learning.


Corra Foundation: Report ‘Surveying Corra Foundation’s Historical Relationship with British Banks, Empire and Atlantic Slavery’: In 2020, Corra Foundation made a commitment to become an anti-racist organisation. Since then, they have been taking steps to understand and act to bring about racial equity. Part of this has been looking into the roots of Corra’s wealth. Corra commissioned an independent report in 2023, authored by Dr. Stephen Mullen, examining the links to historical Atlantic slavery, the British Empire and colonialism of the banking sector & Scottish institutions. Read their statement and access the full report here.

How philanthropy can fund the infrastructure for narrative power: Philea published this summary of a panel moderated by Mandy Van Deven that features Paco Camacho (Asia Foundation), Bruno Duarte (Open Society Foundations), Medina Haeri (Oak Foundation), and Ivens Reis Reyner (Nebula Fund) reflecting on funding practices that strengthen narrative change efforts — and sector norms that stand in the way. It includes recommendations from narrative practitioners on what philanthropy should fund in order to fortify the narrative infrastructure of global justice movements.

EMpower: To shift power effectively, we funders have to think long term: In this op-ed by Cynthia Steele shares how a trust-based, long-term, and flexible funding model, such as the one EMpower has used for 15 years, offers a promising pathway for philanthropic groups to better support the work and growth of local organisations.

Global Fund for Women: #InMotion 2024-2026 Strategic Plan: Global Fund for Women has published their new strategic plan that puts movements at the heart of their work. #InMotion is fueled by the wisdom of those on the frontlines of gender justice. Read more.

Catalyst: How grantmakers view digital funding in 2024: Digital funding has changed since the pandemic. In this article, Catalyst interviews 7 funders about their confidence, experience and expectations. Access it here.

Mott Foundation: Reflections from a grantmaker: Senior Program Officer Walter Veirs recently retired after more than 25 years with the Mott Foundation’s Civil Society program. In this article, he shares lessons learned through a quarter-century of grantmaking that supported the development of the philanthropic sector, the growth of civic engagement and the protection of civic space. Read more.

Equality Fund – How Women’s Funds Support Gender Equality and Durable Change: The Equality Fund launches three-part series on the strategic edge that women’s funds play in resourcing women’s rights and LBTQI+ organisations all across the globe. With Women’s Voice and Leadership (WVL) 2.0 planning now underway to shape its historic next chapter, these series showcase examples from three high-impact organisations on the frontlines of change. Learn more. Art by Gesiye Souza-Okpofabri.


The next Thread will go out on Thursday 21st March. We would love to hear from you! Please contact us by Tuesday 19th March if you would like to share announcements, events, or resources for the next issue. 


Jobs and Tenders

Global Fund for Women – Vice President, Development & Co-Lead, Global Partnerships. The VP of Development is part of the Executive Team that drives Global Fund for Women’s strategy to centre movements and shift power. Together with the VP of Programs, the VP of Development co-leads the Global Partnerships Team, which mobilises and deploys resources in response to movements’ needs through diverse initiatives and partnerships worldwide. In partnership with the CEO, this position is responsible for the organisation’s fundraising and development activities, providing strategic leadership to meet the organisation’s annual fundraising goals and overseeing the direction and management of Global Fund for Women’s efforts to raise funds to meet movements’ needs.  Salary: $160,000 – $248,000. Location: United States, Remote. Applicants are encouraged to apply as soon as possible.

Ford Foundation – International Security, Safety and Risk Mitigation Manager. The Office of the Deputy Chief Operating Officer is hiring an International Security, Safety and Risk Mitigation Manager that will be based in the New York office. The International Security, Safety and Risk Mitigation Manager will work with the Chief Administrative Officer (CAO) to develop and implement a global security and risk mitigation framework that fosters a culture of safety awareness and risk mitigation. The incumbent will coordinate with the Director of Global Property Management to ensure the foundation’s duty of care for its staff and assets across all of its geographies are consistent and relevant. Salary: $109,000 – $127,000. Location: NYC, USA. Applicants are encouraged to apply as soon as possible.

Ford Foundation – Impact Investing Fellow. The Ford Foundation Fellowship in Impact Investing permits a Fellow to spend a year in residence with the Ford Foundation’s Mission Investments team in New York, working with the team to conduct investment fund manager due diligence; prepare presentations and investment committee materials; draft articles, papers, and reports; evaluate trends in the impact investment landscape; research opportunities in the philanthropic sector to expand the impact investing field; and provide general portfolio and project management support.  The Impact Investing Fellow will report directly to an Investment Officer on the Mission Investments team. Salary: $84,000 and the maximum is $97,000. Location: NYC, USA. Applicants are encouraged to apply as soon as possible.

The Plastic Solutions Fund (PSF) – European Philanthropic Partner Specialist. The successful consultant will work closely with the Executive Director, who expects to be directly involved in the relationship development. It is expected that fundraising efforts will mainly be geared towards private foundations, but the PSF will be guided by the successful consultant in this regard. The consultant will help shape the PSF’s ‘offer’ to philanthropy in Europe appropriately. Location: Remote. Candidates are encouraged to apply as soon as possible.

Trust for London – TrusteesTrustees play a critical role in the work of the Trust for London. They set the strategy of the organisation and ensure that the endowment is used effectively. The Trust is looking for three new trustees to help them on the next stage of their journey. Candidates with experience in human resources and diversity, equity and inclusion, charity finance, and social investment are invited to apply. These roles cover: HR, diversity, equity and inclusion and Charity finance. Salary: All reasonable travel and subsistence expenses will be reimbursed in full. Location: London, UK. Candidates are encouraged to apply as soon as possible.

EPIM – New Governing Body as a Forum Member. EPIM is looking for up to 16 dynamic Forum members who will bring a wealth of perspectives, knowledge, connections and lived experiences in areas relevant to EPIM’s work. As a Forum member, you will be an integral part of a collaborative effort, connecting with peers in stimulating and curated spaces. Commitment as a Forum Member is estimated at five to six days a year, including participation in an annual two-day in person gathering and several online preparatory meetings. Forum members will receive an honorarium in addition to having travel costs covered. This is a unique opportunity with an initial three-year mandate, allowing you to be at the forefront of social changes in migration. Salary: An honorarium in addition to having travel costs covered. Location: Remote. Deadline for applications is 15 February.

Paul Hamlyn Foundation – Grants Assistant: Migration. As the Grants Assistant, you will provide administrative support to our Migration Team, which comprises a Head of Programme and Grants Managers, as well as some PA support to the Head of Programme. This includes coordinating our learning exchanges with the migrant justice and social justice fields, such as visits, residentials, training sessions, etc. You will also play a key part in helping better understand the impact of our funding strategy, collating and supporting data analysis to identify issues, trends, gaps, and opportunities to support our team’s ongoing learning.  Salary: £32,000. Location: Hybrid, London. Deadline for applications is 19 February.

Global Greengrants Fund – Finance and Grants Officer (UK). Global Greengrants Fund UK is looking to hire an energetic and passionate individual who will play a key role in collaborating across teams to support finance and grantmaking. They are responsible for the smooth running of all transactional processes for grants, payments, reconciliations, and financial reporting. They will ensure that financial transactions are properly allocated, recorded, and maintained and assist in the preparation of audit data as well as supporting project reporting to aid in the preparation of the annual statutory audit and project reports. Salary: £42,500. Location: Remote within the UK through a hybrid work model preferred; strong preference for individuals in the greater London area. Deadline for applications is 21 February.

The Network for Social Change – Researcher. The Network for Social Change is looking for an experienced researcher to set up a detailed PDF list of organisations that fund projects on racial justice and environmental/climate justice. The list will be based on responses to a letter outlining the project that the Network has sent to funders. The position has been created by the Network’s Racial Justice Working Group. The researcher will be responsible to a member of this group. Salary: £350 -£400 per day worked. Deadline for applications is 23 February.

Joseph Rowntree Charitable Trust – Rights and Justice Programme Manager. The trust seeks a motivated, thoughtful, accountable and creative person with a personal commitment to social justice and transformative change to co-manage our Rights and Justice programme. They will bring strong leadership, strategy and organisational skills to co-develop and co-manage the programme alongside the existing programme manager and in-coming programme assistant. The successful applicant will have strong communication skills and be able to handle sensitive and complex information. They will be comfortable working on their own and as part of a small team – including as part of a co-leadership model and working with a committee made up of trustees and external experts. Salary: £69,402 – £79,022. Location: York/ Hybrid/ remote. Deadline for applications is 25 February.

The Social Change Nest – Partnerships Officer. This role will involve supporting our groups through this journey, ensuring their needs are understood, while finding practical solutions to support them to achieve their goals, ensuring contracts are delivered in line with agreements, supporting them with budgeting, and advising where financial decisions need to be made. The role would suit someone who understands the intricacies of how change happens within grassroots, community groups, and social innovations, and the role governance and admin play in this messy interconnected world. Salary: £34,100. Location: London. Deadline for applications is 25 February.

Global Green Grants – Co-Director of Philanthropy. Global Greengrants Fund is looking to hire an energetic and passionate individual who will provide Co-leadership in developing and implementing a values-aligned philanthropic strategy and Co-leading our development team to meet our philanthropic goals. Together, the Co-Directors of Philanthropy will be sharing and balancing the responsibilities for strategic development and strategic implementation working complementary to ensure integration and cohesion. Salary: $100,875 – $134,500. Location: Global/Remote with significant in-person time in the US. Deadline for applications is 03 March.

Foundation for a Just Society – Head of Communications and Philanthropic Advocacy. Reporting to the Vice President of Programs, the Head of Communications and Philanthropic Advocacy oversees FJS’s philanthropic advocacy strategic framework and the strategic communications approaches, tools and products needed to advance it. This newly created position has three main functions: 1) lead and strengthen FJS’s inaugural philanthropic advocacy strategy in close collaboration with regional teams and the Vice President of Programs, 2) lead and implement strategic communications for philanthropic advocacy, and 3) oversee institutional communications. Salary: $164,400 – $205,500 USD. Location: Strong preference for the role to be based in New York, NY. FJS staff are expected to work from the NYC office 2-3 days a week. Under rare circumstances, FJS has considered remote staff. Deadline for applications is 04 March.

Funders Initiative for Civil Society – Network Lead, Global Narrative Hive. The Global Narrative Hive is seeking a collaborative and values-driven Network Lead to hold overall responsibility for the Global Narrative Hive, its strategy, funding, programming and operations. You will be coming into an established team – two highly skilled Community Managers plus administrative, communications, fundraising and research support from FICS staff and consultants – with several strands of work up and running. You are expected to come in to oversee and support these, as well as work collaboratively – with the team and members of the Hive’s wider community – to identify additional priorities for the network to deliver its strategy over the short, medium and longer term. Salary: GBP 73,400. Location: Remote. Deadline for applications is 12 March.

Various roles – American Jewish World Service (AJWS)
Various roles – Fondation de France
Various roles – Ford Foundation

*For more jobs, see the ‘Career Opportunities’ section of Ariadne’s Community HubTo address pay gaps in the charity sector, we strongly encourage you to #showthesalary in your job adverts.




15 February

Webinar: Data Science, AI and Data Philanthropy in Foundations: On the Path to Maturity. In May 2023, Philea and Fondazione Compagnia di San Paolo jointly launched a survey to produce “Data Science, AI and Data Philanthropy in Foundations” that will enhance the sector’s understanding of what is being done or achieved in this realm. The event will offer an overview of the report, including the key findings which are split into: data management, data science, artificial intelligence (AI) and data philanthropy. It will also provide an opportunity for interested participants from the philanthropy field to ask questions and learn more about a vital topic that will change how foundations operate in Europe. Location: Online. Date and time: 15 February, 14:00-15:00 CET. Learn more and register here.

26 February

Leadership of philanthropy, leadership by philanthropy. Philanthropy is grappling with the role it must play in responding to what is being called the polycrisis – climate and environmental crises, entrenched economic inequalities, and social injustices. The material role that philanthropy can play – the provision of resources, the creation legislation, etc – is obviously limited but does it have a leadership role to play? There are broadly three aspects to leadership in philanthropy: one is leadership within individual philanthropic organisations, the second is leadership within the sector and the third, the most ambitious, is leadership in society, setting examples of creative responses to problems and patterning behaviour. For all these three, it is vital that philanthropic leaders are provided with space and support to reflect on the ways in which they can rise to these challenges. Location: Zoom. Date and time: 26 February from 3:00 – 4:00 PM GMT. Learn more and register here.

27 February

Webinar: Transforming Resources: Communities, trust, and flexibility/Transformation des ressources: Communautés, confiance et adaptabilité/ Transformando recursos: comunidades, confianza y flexibilidad / Transformando recursos: comunidades, confiança e flexibilidade / T’ikraynin kayachiy: llapan runakuna, chinkaynin, kuyaynin. Calling all community-based organizations, funders, global development organizations, grassroots groups, and collectives: Let’s build a bridge between the grassroots and grantmakers. Join Global Fund for Children to celebrate community-led change and how equitable funding partnerships can help foster thriving civil societies. Location: Online. Learn more and register here for the event in English/French taking place on 27 February at 8:00 AM EST or register here for the event in  Spanish, Portuguese, Quechua, and English  taking place on 27 February at 4:00 PM EST.


28 February

Empowering Her Voice: Why Participatory Approaches? Empower is back with the second in our three-part Empowering Her Voice webinar series! This time, we will focus on the ecosystem of participatory approaches—comprising peers, collaborators and co-conspirators. The aim is to create a collective space with those who are on a journey in considering, embracing and embedding participatory approaches into their work. We hope to unpack the ‘why’ of participatory approaches across different contexts and to explore what has worked, what hasn’t and what challenges persist. Location: Online. Date and time: 28 February at 5:30 PM IST, 8:00 PM HKT, 12:00 PM GMT, 7:00 AM EST. Learn more and register here.

29 February

Webinar: Voices at Risk – Journalist Safety during the Super-Election Year: While millions around the world cast their ballots in this super-election year, journalists will be there to cover the elections. In doing this they will undoubtedly face increased arbitrary arrests, delegitimising smear campaigns, legal threats, and physical assault. How can we protect journalists so they can continue to provide the vital information we need for free and fair elections? Join Media Defence and International Women’s Media Foundation to hear from journalists and civil society organisations about the threats they face during elections and the strategies and resources available to protect them. Location: Online. Date and time: 29 Febuary 1:30 PM GMT / 8:30 AM ET. Learn more and register here.

Vienna, Austria and online

11-12 March

Fundamental Rights Forum 2024 – Rights in motion: Embracing human rights for Europe’s future. The registration for the Fundamental Rights Forum 2024 is open. Organised by the EU Fundamental Rights Agency, under the patronage of the Austrian President, the Fundamental Rights Forum 2024 is a hybrid event that will be held on 11-12 March 2024 at Vienna’s City Hall, and hubs in other cities. The forum will cover the following themes: From erosion to empowerment: Protecting democracy and civic space in Europe; From rights to resilience: Shaping a socially and environmentally sustainable Europe; and from code to conscience: Ensuring rights-compliant digitalisation. Location: Vienna, Austria or online. Date: 11-12 March. Learn more about the programme here and register here.


Ariadne’s core operations are supported by the American Jewish World Service, Charles Stewart Mott Foundation, Oak Foundation, Open Society Foundations, Rockefeller Brothers Fund, and Sigrid Rausing Trust.

Ariadne is also supported by voluntary contributions from its participants.

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