Ariadne’s Thread – March 2023

Ariadne’s Thread – March 2023
March 16, 2023 Jana Stardelova

March 2023

Ariadne’s Thread is a monthly update of events, briefings and research for social change and human rights funders. 

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Ariadne News & Events

Ariadne is pleased to announce the release of its 2023 Forecast for European Social Change and Human Rights FundersThis year, 195 Ariadne members and friends of the network filled in surveys, participated in interviews and attended online forecast meetings to share their insights into trends in European social change and human rights philanthropy for 2023.
Read the report to find out what challenges and opportunities this year might bring for grantees; how funder practice could change; which political events are likely to affect your work; what will become more important in the months ahead; and – perhaps most importantly – what to feel hopeful about. There are chapters on France, Germany, Italy, The Netherlands, and the UK, plus a broader, global focus.
The challenges ahead may be great, but philanthropy can play a role in helping us overcome them.
Join the conversation on Twitter using the hashtag #2023AriadneForecast

Ariadne’s “2033” Annual Meeting in Berlin: The registrations for our annual meeting have now closed. We are looking forward to welcoming you to Berlin! The exciting agenda includes dynamic plenaries, a selection of visits to local sites of interest to human rights and social change funders and facilitated open space to bring up the themes that truly matter to your grantmaking and reflect on their implications and what we need to be doing now.
This “2033” Annual Meeting will be dedicated to the signals, the challenges, and the visions for how philanthropy should show up now, in 2023, in order to create this brave new world in 2033!

Healing Solidarity’s Senior Leader Sessions
Recognising the central importance of leadership in enabling culture and systems change in our sector, Ariadne is organising a special event for the senior leadership of European foundations to have an honest and supportive conversation about your institutions’ anti-racist work and practices.
Healing Solidarity’s inter-racial team will facilitate three 90-minute workshops on 25th April, 27th June & 26th September. Details to register will be available on our Members only portal. 

Flexible funding for non-profits: is this the future? Join the live interview with Debora Guidetti, Senior European Programme Manager at Ariadne and Adriana Crãciun, Senior Adviser for Organisational Development and Capacity Building at the Oak Foundation.
You will learn more about the ‘Funding for Real Change’ initiative, the Oak Foundation’s motivation to engage in it and what impact it had on their approach to grant-making. The event is organised by the European Activism Incubator. Date and time: March 21, 2023, 12:30 PM – 1:15 PM CET. Event link.

ARIADNE’S MEMBERSHIP PORTAL: Meet our community moderators!

Communicating Human Rights and Social Change community co-moderators:
Mandy Van Deven is a philanthropy consultant who has directed global and regional portfolios for private and family foundations that redistributed $14.5 million in grants and capacity-building support to more than 35 groups in 10 countries that advance gender, racial, economic, and climate justice and build the infrastructure for narrative power.
James Savage leads the Fund for Global Human Rights’ program on the Enabling Environment for Human Rights Defenders (HRDs), based in its London office. Through a mix of grant-making, technical assistance, documentation and learning, and advocacy the program supports human rights defenders globally to protect and promote civil society space and the right to defend human rights.

Independent Media and Journalism community co-moderators:
Ebru Akgun, currently in the role of Public Interest Programme Manager, joined Adessium Foundation in November 2021. She primarily manages the journalism portfolio of the Foundation.
Sameer Padania works with diverse stakeholders to defend, support and grow the public interest journalism ecosystem in the UK, Europe and worldwide. I’m part of Ariadne in two capacities – as a trustee of a grantmaking foundation in the UK (the Indigo Trust) and as an expert, analyst, strategist and independent advisor.

Manos Moschopoulos is the Migrants’ Rights community co-moderator, he is unit manager for Open Society—Europe and Central Asia, leading the migration portfolio. He is currently focused on upholding Europe’s protection regime, forcing accountability on rule of law violations at borders, and building on Europe’s response to displacement from Ukraine.

Andy Haupert, the Gypsy, Roma and Travellers Rights community co-moderator is Associate Policy Officer in the Roma Initiatives Office (RIO) at the Open Society Foundations. He has worked at Open Society for more than 20 years, first in Budapest and now in Berlin.

Log in to join these communities, connect and collaborate with other funders on Ariadne’s Membership portal! Do you have a colleague that doesn’t yet have access to the portal? They can sign up here.
Need assistance? Take a look at our guide or email

Online course by Active Philanthropy ‘Climate + Philanthropy: A Compact Learning Journey’ – discount available for the next course starting on May 8th

Confused about how to start applying a climate lens to the work of your foundation? Join Active Philanthropy’s online course, Climate + Philanthropy: A Compact Learning Journey, to start planning your first steps. For the course starting May 8th, Ariadne’s members are eligible to receive a discount of 20% on the participation fee. We have a discount code for 15 seats, valid until the start date of the course, please reach out to to receive the discount code. Find out more and enrol now via:

All these resources and more can be found on Ariadne’s website and Member-only portal.


New Research, Articles and Judgements

Report: Where is the Money for Black Feminist Movements? Black Feminist Fund’s research report, “Where is the Money for Black Feminist Movements?” is out. Black feminist movements face dire under-resourcing despite being at the forefront of many struggles for social justice globally. Read the full report to learn about the funding barriers and Black feminist movements achievements despite these.  You can access it here

Report: EPIM’s Annual report provides a snapshot of their work in 2022, including key data and developments across their collaborative. It also lists the more than 100 civil society partners EPIM supported in 2022.

Policy Brief: A Year In: Turning the Tide in Russia’s Full-Scale War Against Ukraine – Open Society Foundations: This analysis provides recommendations for policymakers to help Ukraine, including an increase in financial support so that Ukraine’s economy can recover, and strengthened political support to hold Russia accountable for its crimes, and lay a solid foundation for post-war reconstruction and accession to the EU.

Article: A New Playbook for Racial Equity—Inside and Out: “Racial equity can’t be thought of solely as a funding priority; it must be a critical component of philanthropy’s own way of being.” Read more.

Report: Lack of legal advice and its subsequent effects on survivors: The British Institute of International and Comparative Law and Unseen UK reports on the damaging effects of a lack of access to quality legal advice for survivors of modern slavery in the UK.

Article: Promoting and protecting economic, social and cultural rights during the recovery from the COVID-19 pandemic: APC reflects on the impacts of COVID-19 on the exercise of economic, social and cultural rights within the context of addressing inequalities in the recovery from the pandemic. This article focuses on access to the internet; rights-based decision making in government programmes; privacy and data protection; and the sustainable use of technology.

Report: “This Is Why We Became Activists”: Violence Against Lesbian, Bisexual, and Queer Women and Non-Binary People – Human Rights Watch: This report explores how the denial of LBQ+ people’s rights in ten areas impacts their lives and harms their ability to exercise and enjoy the advancement of more traditionally recognised LGBT rights and women’s rights.

Report: Violence Against Women and Girls Needs New Global Policy: As crises such as conflict, Covid-19 and climate change exacerbate violence against women and girls, this report asks the question why is the world not taking more action? Click to read.

Report: Liberties Rule of Law Report 2023: The report finds that most EU countries made little effort to resolve documented rule of law issues, allowed existing shortcomings to go unaddressed, or even made things worse in all areas assessed. Exceeding the scope of the European Commission’s annual rule of law audit, Liberties’ Report lays out the most striking developments concerning justice, corruption, media freedom, checks and balances, civic space and systemic human rights issues in 2022 as compiled by 46 human rights organizations in 18 countries across the EU. It is the most in-depth ‘shadow report’ exercise to date on the rule of law by an independent civil liberties network in the EU.

Report: Deadliest rise in anti-LGBTI violence in over a decade, our Annual Review shows: ILGA – Europe: The Annual Review of the Human Rights Situation of LGBTI People in Europe and Central Asia finds that 2022 was the most violent year for LGBTI people across the region in the past decade, both through planned, ferocious attacks and through suicides in the wake of rising and widespread hate speech from politicians, religious leaders, right-wing organisations and media pundits. Click this link to access the report and press release.

Report: Freedom in the World 2023: “Global Freedom Declines for 17th Consecutive Year, but May Be Approaching a Turning Point” Since 1973, Freedom House has assessed the condition of political rights and civil liberties around the world. The 2023 edition is the 50th in this series of annual comparative reports and finds out that attacks on freedom of expression have been a key driver of democratic erosion.


Blogs and Other Sites of Interest

15 Years of Media Defence: Unwavering focus on legal support for journalists: Media Defence delivers crucial legal support to journalists under threat for their reporting since 2008. In that time, they have litigated over 1,300 cases in 116 countries. Read more.

Report: UNODC – Global Report on Trafficking in Persons: Using official statistics from 141 countries and summaries of 800 court cases, the report reveals an 11 percent decline in the number of detected victims, the first drop in 20 years. Instead of reflecting a real reduction in victimisation, it suggests that Covid-19 has potentially pushed trafficking underground while constraining law enforcement efforts. As new forms of exploitation emerge, boys and men now make up a growing share (40 percent) of detected victims.

Article: Solidarity not solutionism: Wayfinding just paths for digital infrastructure that serves the planet: At this year’s Privacy Camp, APC and The Engine Room hosted a session reflecting on some of the false climate solutions that digital rights advocates should be aware of amid efforts to act in solidarity with environmental defenders and climate justice movements.

Podcast: The link between migration, the climate crisis, and human rights: It is becoming increasingly clear that the climate crisis is having a major impact on migration flows, with millions forced to move from their homes as a result of a disaster, or because they have been affected by slower-moving environmental changes that leave their homes uninhabitable, such as desertification or sea-level rises. In this episode, Conor Lennon speaks to Felipe González Morales, the UN Special Rapporteur on the human rights of migrants, on the need for consistent policies to address the impact of the climate emergency on migration.

Call for international solidarity: Issued by CEECCNA Collaborative Fund and Women’s Fund in Georgia this is a call for solidarity with civil society and independent media in Georgia in their resistance against the draft law on ´Agents of Foreign Influence´. Learn how to support here.

Quiz: Women’s Rights Knowledge by The Fund for Global Human Rights: Test your knowledge of women’s rights activism in this quiz.

Funding Tracker: Earthquake relief in Turkey and Syria: Devex has been gathering commitments to the earthquake on their Funding Platform, which tracks announcements from 850 donors around the world. Check the article for some of the key figures.

Report: “2022 SDG Gender Index: Back to Normal is Not Enough.”: The report states that less than a quarter of countries are making ‘fast’ progress towards gender equality, and one in every three countries is either making no progress at all or is moving in the wrong direction. At the current pace, the 2030 deadline to achieve gender equality will not be met. The 2022 SDG Gender Index sounds the alarm on global progress towards gender equality and unveils a blueprint for change.

Article: Girls and young feminist activists at the forefront against Russia’s war in Ukraine: “An important reminder for funders to support social movement infrastructure as well as other activities.” Read more.

Flipping the Narrative: Let refugees be economic contributors: ‘People like me have historically had neither freedom of movement nor the right to work.’ Read more.

What funders need to know about civic space in 2023: Over the last 20 years, the idea of security has been abused to limit activism. In a new piece for the Civic Futures initiative, Poonam Joshi, Director, Funders Initiative for Civil Society and James Savage, Program Director, Fund for Global Human Rights look at human rights funders’ role in defending civic space.

Do you have a great blog post, case study, or podcast you’d like to contribute? We would love to feature it. Contact us.


Global Resources Report – Global Philanthropy Project: The biennial Global Resources Report provides foundations, governments, multilateral agencies, corporate donors, and civil society with the most detailed and accurate understanding of the global LGBTI funding landscape. Data is now being collected on funds awarded in calendar years 2021 and 2022. Data collection is open from March through September 2023. Visit the Data Submission Site.
Webinar: April 11th: Is this your first time submitting to the Global Resources Report? Have you participated in the past but a refresher would help? Please join GPP’s data collection launch webinar. There will be lots of time for questions! Registration is required. [This webinar is intended for grantmakers]

Influencing Philanthropy: How Participatory Grantmaking Gained Momentum — and What’s Next: In this article, Hannah Paterson, Janet Camarena, Katy Love, Martin Modlinger, Kuini Rabo, Ciciley Moore, Andrea Ackerman and Sereima Kalouniviti discuss the story of the Participatory Grantmaking community and share their insights into what’s next.

The Rise of Collaborative Funding: Tamela Spicer and Malik Robinson from Dorothy A. Johnson Center for Philanthropy (USA) write about the rise of collaborative funding. Read more here

The Impact of Large, Unrestricted Grants on Nonprofits: A Five-Year View: “More funders need to make large, unrestricted grants and then trust nonprofits to use them well”. The Bridgespan Group (USA) writes on the impact of large, unrestricted grants for non-profits. Read it here.

Where there is a need, there is a foundation: Published by Philea, in this article authors Verónica López and Juan Sosa from Analistas Financieros Internacionales (AFI), stress the power of philanthropy in driving positive change and creating a better world.

Turning crisis into long-term action: Seeding a Collaborative Fund for Central and Eastern Europe, Caucasus, and Central and North Asia (CEECCNA) Region: The newly created funding mechanism for the CEECCNA region aims to move increased and sustainable resources to social justice organizers across CEECCNA sub-regions and distribute funds with a movement-led strategy and participatory decision-making processes. The fund is an offering to philanthropy and the humanitarian sector to channel money toward systemic solutions and crisis response. Learn more about the fund in this blog authored by Nino Ugrekhelidze & Angelika Arutyunova, published on the Human Rights Funders Network (HRFN).

OECD: Development Co-operation Report 2023: The report provides a comprehensive overview of global trends in foreign aid and outlines recommendations for donor countries. It highlights the need for greater transparency, accountability, and collaboration among donors and recipient countries to ensure that aid is effectively utilised and achieves its intended goals.

To Avert a Tipping Point, Philanthropy Must Decolonise Giving Practices: With increased violence against Earth Defenders, invasion on sacred territories, illegal land grabbing and threats to Indigenous communities, the authors of this article discuss which philanthropic practices can provide critical solidarity and support to communities that are at the frontlines, defending their lives and our collective future.

The next Thread will go out on Thursday 20th April. We would love to hear from you! Please contact us by Tuesday 18th April if you would like to share announcements, events, or resources for the next issue. 


Jobs and Tenders

Mozilla Foundation – MozFest Communications Manager. The person in this role crafts the communication strategy around the Festival.  This position plans and performs the strategy in partnership and alignment with the Marketing and Communication team.  They provide a consistent voice across communications that include but are not limited to: emails, blogs, newsletters and social media platforms. This role plays a meaningful role in developing our festival narrative, around which our marketing plans, community ambassador program, and festival community sessions are mapped. This position supports Mozilla’s mission by ensuring two way communication between the organization, the Mozilla Festival team, and the broader Mozilla community.   This role will support network growth by uplifting projects and people from within the organization and around the movement. The position serves as an important link between Mozilla’s Global Programs teams and the Advocacy, Digital Engagement to more broadly align the work of the MozFest Team with the broader communications strategy of the organization. Location: Remote US, Remote Canada, Remote Germany, Remote UK. Salary: dependent on location. Candidates are encouraged to apply as soon as possible.

Omidyar Network – Digital Communications Coordinator. Omidyar Network seeks a Digital Communications Coordinator to run the organization’s digital and social media work, including writing, curating, publishing, and editing social media and website content; leading all aspects of newsletter and email campaigns; and crafting other digital and video content. Location: Washington, D.C. (Preferred); Redwood City, CA. Salary: $75,000 in Washington D.C. or $81,000 in Redwood City, CA. Candidates are encouraged to apply as soon as possible.

Laudes Foundation – Programme Officer. Laudes Foundation seeks a Programme Officer to support the Built Environment team with scaling zero carbon, circular and inclusive built environment interventions that work with and through industry to address the dual crises of inequality and climate change. Salary: €49.000 – €65.000. Location: Amsterdam, the Netherlands. Candidates are encouraged to apply as soon as possible.

Charles Stewart Mott Foundation – Program Officers, Civil Society. The Charles Stewart Mott Foundation is seeking two new Program Officers for its Strengthening Civic Space program area within the Civil Society program. The Civic Space program area works to promote and expand the space for civic engagement under two grantmaking objectives. The first objective focuses on improving the policy environment for the sector by strengthening sector infrastructure. The second objective focuses on advancing civil society development through research, policy analysis and innovative practice. Location: London, UK. Candidates are encouraged to apply as soon as possible.

Hivos – Finance Officer Regional SRHR Fund. The Finance Officer will oversee the day-to-day financial transactions of the program and implement financial monitoring and compliance systems in line with Hivos financial policies and procedures and donor requirement. Working under the supervision of the Program Manager, with dotted lines to the Regional Finance and Administration Manager, the Finance Office will also carry out risk management and produce compliance reports. Location: Harare, Zimbabwe. Deadline for applications is 17 March.

Hivos – Program Assistant Regional SRHR Fund. Under the direction of the Program Manager, the Program Assistant (PA) provides operational and administrative assistance to the Regional SRHR Program team, performs a variety of administrative, coordination and logistical services in support of the operations of the program, and assists with information management and assist in resolving day to day operational logistical support. The PA will facilitate regular overviews for monitoring contracting, fundraising and reporting and act as the lead resource person for Hivos quality management, ISO policies and the Hivos information management system (All Solutions, project management systems).Location: Lusaka, Zambia. Deadline for applications is 17 March.

Various positions – La Fondation Abbé Pierre
Various positions – Fondation de France
Various positions – Wikimedia Foundation
Various positions – Open Society Foundations
Various positions – American Jewish World Service (AJWS)
Various positions – Firelight Foundation


Paul Hamlyn Foundation – Chief Operating Officer. We are now recruiting a new Chief Operating Officer, who will be critical in making sure we have the right systems and policies and in place to respond to this changing environment and to support our aspirations as a grant-maker for the next decade, and will play an important role as a member of the Senior Leadership Team. PHF is a relatively small organisation, with big ambitions, constantly adapting to change. We are keen to speak to people with experience as an adaptive leader, who brings an appetite to manage complexity and an openness to experiment and learn from different approaches and thinking, and whose instinct is to develop a collegiate environment, where everyone can see their contribution and is working towards shared objectives. Location: London, UK. Salary: £105,000 – £115,000 pa Deadline for applications is 19 March.

Mama Cash – Interim Executive Coordinator. The interim Executive Coordinator is a position within the People and Purpose (P&P) team, working directly with the Managing Board. The purpose of the position is to implement and maintain systems for the smooth functioning of the Managing Board and the Supervisory Board. The interim Executive Coordinator does this by providing expert organisational and administrative support to the Managing Board, Management Team and the Supervisory Board. The interim Executive Coordinator reports directly to the Managing Board and works closely with the Executive Assistant on ensuring the effective functioning of the Managing Board, Management Team and the Supervisory Board. Location: Amsterdam or remote. Salary: (min.) €3.015.- (max.) €3.500. Deadline for applications is 27 March.

Global Fund for Women – Vice President, Brand & Culture. Global Fund for Women seeks a Vice President, Brand & Culture to grow and leverage the power of its platforms to direct attention and resources to its own and movement partners’ communications and advocacy agendas; align its internal culture to its vision and values; disrupt and drive new narratives around philanthropy and gender justice; and support knowledge production around organizational learnings, analysis, and institutional best practices. Location: Remote (within the United States). Salary: $193,000 – $236,000. Deadline for applications is 31 March.

Director of People and Culture – Paul Hamlyn Foundation. We are now seeking an exceptional individual to join PHF in a new role, at an exciting time for the Foundation, and philanthropy more broadly. The newly created Director of People and Culture will provide strategic leadership for PHF’s people and culture work. They will ensure that we have the right policies, processes, culture, and support in place to recruit diverse, high performing teams and enable colleagues to feel valued, supported and able to thrive. The Director of People and Culture will manage the HR function and contribute to organisational leadership as part of the senior leadership team. Location: London, UK. Salary: c. £83,000 pa pro rata. Deadline for applications is 30 March.

EDGE Funders Alliance – Executive Director. EDGE Funders Alliance seeks an Executive Director to lead a bold collective vision and strategic planning process of shifting philanthropy to social justice values, collaboratively foster an equitable organizational culture based on intersectional feminist values, and lead the co-creation and execution of an effective strategy that strengthens the financial sustainability of the organisation. Location: Remote (global). Salary: $142,000-147,000. Deadline for applications is 23 April.

Oak Foundation – Programme Officer, Learning Differences Programme. The Foundation is recruiting a programme officer for the Learning Differences Programme. This position will join a team of four and will report to the Learning Differences Programme director. Key responsibilities of this role will include: Managing and building a grants portfolio, identifying and establishing partnerships, contributing to the learning processes, supporting programme communications and traveling regularly. Location: Chapel Hill, NC, USA. Deadline for applications is 9 April.

Comic Relief – Portfolio Manager. A key relationship manager for partner funding, with a focus on ensuring the effective management and delivery of grant initiatives within the ‘Alleviating the Consequences of Poverty’ strategic programme, with the aim of achieving our vision of ‘a just world free from poverty’. The Portfolio Manager will have responsibility for 15 to 25 investments with partner organisations in the UK and internationally, and new funding calls.  This could include directly funded partners and intermediary funding partners. The postholder will ensure excellent grant making and management practice.  This will include establishing a relational and trust-based approach, putting experts by experience at the heart of decision making, demonstrating a commitment to learning and achieving social impact, and focusing on sustainability. Location: Our offices are in London, and we are a hybrid working organisation. Salary: £40,422 – £43,014 Deadline for applications is 31 March.

*For more jobs, see the ‘Career Opportunities’ section of the Ariadne portalTo address pay gaps in the charity sector, we strongly encourage you to #showthesalary in your job adverts.


Public Meetings


20th – 24th March

Mozilla Festival. MozFest is a celebration for, by, and about people who love the internet, showcasing world-changing ideas and technology through exhibitions, talks and interactive sessions. MozFest is a unique hybrid: part art, tech and society convening, part maker festival, and the premiere gathering for activists in diverse global movements fighting for a more humane digital world. Register here for the event taking place from 20 to 24 March 2023.

21 March

Listen to Our Voices: The Human Rights Bill Lived Experience Boards
In March 2021, the Scottish Government made a commitment to introduce a new Human Rights Bill for Scotland. This Bill would incorporate 4 major United Nations human rights treaties directly into Scots law, making it much easier for ordinary people to name and claim their basic rights.
To create a Bill which will work for those whose rights are most at risk, the Scottish Government worked with the Consortium, Together (Scottish Alliance for Children’s Rights) and the Scottish Commission for People with Learning Disabilities. They founded 3 Lived Experience Boards, made up of adults, children and young people who all had experience of their rights being threatened. Join this short seminar to learn more about these Lived Experience Boards, and find out what their key messages to the Scottish Government. Register here for this event taking place on 21 March 2023, 12:00 – 13:00 GMT.

21 March

Flexible funding for non-profits: is this the future?
Join the live interview with Debora Guidetti, Senior European Programme Manager at Ariadne and Adriana Crãciun, Senior Adviser for Organisational Development and Capacity Building at the Oak Foundation.
You will learn more about the ‘Funding for Real Change’ initiative, the Oak Foundation’s motivation to engage in it and what impact it had on their approach to grant-making. Date and time: March 21, 2023, 12:30 PM – 1:15 PM CET. Event link.

22 March

Funders’ lunchtime learning with the Mozilla Foundation: AI and Social Justice
The event will take place on Wednesday 22 March at 13:00 CET via Zoom. Please register to attend here.
As part of its mission to promote trustworthy AI, the Mozilla Foundation has commissioned research to examine how AI intersects with the key social justice issues of our time. The work maps the impacts of AI and digital technologies on human rights, racial justice, economic justice, environmental justice, gender justice and community health & collective security. At this event, co-hosted by the European AI Fund and Ariadne, Kasia Odrozek, Director of Insights at Mozilla Foundation will present the work and invite participants to engage in Q&A about the findings.

22 March

#PhilanthropyForClimate Case Studies Launch
On March 22, join WINGSActive Philanthropy and CEP – Centre for Effective Philanthropy to hear how foundations that work on a variety of different issues started their climate journeys. Register to join the webinar on 22 March 2023, 17:00 PM, CET.

23 March

Online Launch Event: ”How Foundations Listen”
The launch event for ”How Foundations Listen – A Qualitative Review by Luisa Bonin” will take place online on 23 March from 14:00 – 15:00 CET sharing insights from the new publication. Register here.
Foundations are increasingly striving to find ways to improve their processes to the benefit of relationships with grantees and primary constituents. At the cornerstone of this is the desire to mitigate power imbalances, that continue to exist within the sector. To research this topic, a qualitative review was undertaken with 13 European foundations utilising various listening methodologies, frameworks and studies to facilitate the analysis of listening practices. The author of the study, Luisa Bonin, will provide further context and an overview of the qualitative research at this online event.

23 March

2023 State of Play Assessment on Statelessness in Europe Register for the online launch of the annual Statelessness INDEX state of play assessment. The webinar will present key new trends and data emerging from 30 countries, including updates from the last two years and three new country profiles on Montenegro, Romania and Sweden. 23 March 2023, 11:00- 12:00 CET, Online. Link to registration.

29 March

Resourcing Disability Justice
Join the Disability Rights Fund, MADRE, Purposeful and the Disability Rights activists, grantees, partners and funders to learn about their reflections and to celebrate the collective work moving this effort forward. When: 29 March 2023, 10:00 EDT. Register here.

11 April

Learn about the 2021-22 Global Resources Report Submissions Process
Global Philanthropy Project is now seeking data on LGBTI grants for the 2021–2022 Global Resources Report: Government and Philanthropic Support for Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, and Intersex Communities.
Register here for this webinar taking place on 11 April at 9:00 AM ET via Zoom to learn more about the submission process, updates for this cycle of the report, ask your questions about the process, and more. Registration is required.

14 April

CSOs and Democracy in Europe – Advancing knowledge and recognition of CSOs’ contribution to society and democracy in Europe
L’Institut français du Monde associatif a l’honneur de recevoir Oleksandra Matviichuk, Présidente du Centre ukrainien pour les libertés civiles et prix Nobel de la paix 2022 qui ouvrira ce webinaire.
En 2022, l’Institut français du Monde associatif a lancé, en partenariat avec la Fondation Maecenata, l’Institute for Social Research et le Mouvement associatif, un groupe de travail sur le fait associatif en Europe. Ce groupe de travail a réuni 40 chercheurs et acteurs associatifs d’expertises variées et issus de 16 pays dans le but d’éclairer la question du fait associatif en Europe, ses besoins, ainsi que sa contribution à la société et à la démocratie.
A l’issue de ce travail, nous avons détecté les besoins de connaissance des associations en Europe, élaboré un état de l’art et émis des recommandations pour un futur programme de connaissance.
Register here for the webinar happening on 14 April 2023, from 14:00 to 17:15 CET. The webinar will be in French and English with interpreters.

26 April 2023

Webinar: Moving the Money
What are the current challenges with directing and transferring funds to where it’s most needed and what can we do about it? Join this webinar to learn about some of the real and perceived obstacles to getting timely funding to the Global South, what this means for youth activists and frontline organisations, and how we can overcome these barriers by partnering with trusted intermediaries.
This webinar is hosted by the Climate Justice – Just Transition Donor Collaborative in partnership with HERO Labs, Impatience Earth, Youth Climate Justice Fund, Adeso, KujaLink, and GAYO. Date and time: 26 April 2023, 15:30 – 17:00 BST. Registration.

Ariadne’s core operations are supported by the American Jewish World Service, Charles Stewart Mott Foundation, Oak Foundation, Open Society Foundations, Rockefeller Brothers Fund, and Sigrid Rausing Trust.

Ariadne is also supported by voluntary contributions from its participants.

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