Ariadne’s Thread – May 2023

Ariadne’s Thread – May 2023
May 18, 2023 Jana Stardelova

May 2023

Ariadne’s Thread is a monthly update of events, briefings and research for social change and human rights funders. 

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Ariadne News & Events

Funders’ lunchtime learning sessions: What is ChatGPT and why does it matter? This session will be presented by Daniel Leufer (Senior Policy Analyst at Access Now) A conversation with a chatbot resembling a human interaction is the new reality in everyday situations. Seemingly well-articulated answers are often times plausible sounding but incorrect information. For users, it is becoming increasingly hard to spot misinformation in these interactions. Unfortunately, the datasets that these chatbots are trained on are also biased, and their environmental cost is estimated to be high. Daniel Leufer will provide an introduction to generative AI and ChatGPT, and participants will have the opportunity to engage on the topic during the Q&A. In case you have any topics in mind that you would like to hear more about, please let us know ahead of the session. The event will take place on Tuesday 20 June at 13:00 CET via Zoom. Details to register are available on our Members-only Portal. 

Healing Solidarity’s Senior Leader Sessions – next session is on June 27th
Recognising the central importance of leadership in enabling culture and systems change in our sector, Ariadne is organising a special event for the senior leadership of European foundations to have an honest and supportive conversation about your institutions’ anti-racist work and practices.
Healing Solidarity’s inter-racial team will facilitate 90-minute workshops on June 27th, July 25th & September 26th. Details to register are available on our Members only portal.

In March we launched the 2023 Forecast for European Social Change and Human Rights Funders. Access the report to find out what challenges and opportunities this year might bring for grantees; how funder practice could change; which political events are likely to affect your work; what will become more important in the months ahead; and what to feel hopeful about. Contact us if you want to write a blog with your insights!

Blog – Green Screen Coalition Awards: This blog by Fieke Jansen and Maya Richman presents the 7 projects that were supported by the Green Screen Coalition. The Green Screen Coalition is a group of funders and practitioners that seek to catalyse emerging work and build networks at the nexus of climate justice and digital rights.

Ariadne’s Membership Portal:
Last Threads:
1. Roma in the News, May 5–12, 2023
2. 16th Session of the Conference of States Parties to the Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities (CRPD)
3. Disability and Climate Justice Webinar, 28 June 2023
4. European Union launches the third phase of its Roma Integration programme in partnership with the Council of Europe
5. Recording now available for the webinar: How can European funders contribute to social cohesion, peace and security in Europe and beyond?

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New Research, Articles and Judgements

Report: Unnatural Disaster: Environmental Racism and Europe’s Roma:
In a new report published by Civil Rights Defenders, the European Roma Rights Centre’s Bernard Rorke delves into the toxicity of environmental racism. The report uses prominent cases and findings from the ERRC’s work, and that of other human rights organisations in Europe, to demonstrate that environmental racism is a structural and widespread problem, entrenched by policy gaps and systemic antigypsyism.

Report: Seeds in Our Pockets: Porticus published ‘Seeds in Our Pockets’ the summary report of the Porticus MOVE learning pilot, including key lessons, insights and their reflections and commitments as a funder.

Video: Uganda, the European Union and Corporate Responsibility: Don’t miss this video by Ariadne’s member KIOS, highlighting the importance of the EU to corporate responsibility from Uganda’s point of view. Uganda is one of the first African countries to have a national plan to promote corporate responsibility and human rights.

Case studies: #PhilanthropyForClimate: Divided into the seven pillars of the International Philanthropy Commitment on Climate Change, these case studies share the stories of 20 foundations, how they started to act on climate, and how they are changing their programmes, operations, investments, and more. Learn more.

Research: How public money is shaping the future direction of AI: New research conducted by Eticas and commissioned by the European AI & Society Fund unpacks whether the available EU funding mechanisms are used strategically to support the political commitment to lead on human-centred, responsible, and trustworthy AI. The comprehensive research analyses how the EU funding is allocated, who receives it, and how values and ethics that the EU aspires to follow are guiding its funds.

Human Rights Watch: “Like we were just animals” report”: This report is a regional effort to document and shed light on the pushbacks of people seeking protection from Croatia to Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Astraea Foundation – 45 Years of Joy in Resistance, 2022 Annual Report: The annual report celebrates the Astraea Foundation’s 45th anniversary with stories of their grantee partners, archival photographs, and showcases the impact of donations.
2022 in numbers:

    • Asraea disbursed more than $5.9 million in 2022 to 230 grantee partners through 263 grants.
    • Over 86% of their grantees received general operating support grants, allowing for flexibility.
    • 83% of their international grantmaking went to organizations in countries with obstructed, repressed, and closing civil societies.

Report: UNFPA 2023 State of World Population: ‘8 billion Lives, Infinite Possibilities. The case for rights and choices’: The annual report is split into five chapters exploring ‘Our human family, 8 billion strong’; focusing on the ‘Too Many?’ and ‘Too Few?’ questions; providing analysis of the ‘State of reproductive choice’ and lastly elaborating why ‘Rights are the key’. Access the interactive website here.

Report & event: Sealing the cracks. An intersectional feminist perspective on digital peacebuilding: The Berghof Foundation report launch event will explore the topics of digital peacebuilding. Joined by a panel of peace practitioners, policymakers and researchers, the organisers also aim to investigate how their research findings can contribute to Germany’s new feminist foreign and development policies. The event will take place on 31 May, from 15:00 to 16:15 CET, in English via Zoom. Register here.

New briefing report on older LGBTI people with intersecting identities: ILGA-Europe, alongside AGE Platform Europe, launched the third report of our Intersections series, taking a deep dive into the FRA 2019 LGBTI II Survey. The briefing focuses on experiences of older LGBTI people when it comes to discrimination, violence, housing, parenting, and making ends meet. The report takes a specific look at older LGBTI people with intersecting identities. Download your own copy of the briefing. Find the other briefings in the Intersections series.

Online survey – Pivot Brigade: The purpose of this online survey, commissioned by the Open Society Foundations and conducted by Pivot Brigade, is to enhance the safety of human rights and civil liberties activists in the European Union and assist donors in providing effective support to them. The questionnaire is designed to consider the perspectives of both donors and grant recipients by asking relevant questions to respondents belonging to either group. Click here to fill out the survey.


Blogs and Other Sites of Interest

Consultations – Decolonising the Digital Rights Field in Europe Programme: Digital Freedom Fund, together with European Digital Rights (EDRi), are looking for your insight on decolonising the digital rights field in Europe. The consultations will focus on several themes, including power dynamics, representation, funding, and language. The organisers are looking for feedback from a wider community on how to dismantle power structures in the digital rights field. Read more about the Decolonising Consultation process and give your feedback.

The French Institute for Civil Society Organisations, The Maecenata Foundation and The Institute for Social Research published a white paper « For a better knowledge of civil society organisations in Europe », and a collaborative digital library on CSOs in Europe. This white paper provides food for thought to both civil society actors and their stakeholders. It also aims at paving the way for a better understanding of civil society, and a better articulation between researchers and civil society actors. Find more information here.

Podcast: Climate mixtape: IPCC reflections: In this podcast, Climate Curious speaks to five experts, about the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) report on averting the climate disaster. Listen here.

Article: Leading to Local: In this article, author Sarah Bouchie explores how philanthropists can learn to better partner with locally led organisations. Read more.

Article: Focus on disability rights growing, but intersectional support lags: “More than a billion people around the globe and 61 million people in the United States—one in four Americans—identify as having a disability. Many are BIPOC (Black, Indigenous, and people of colour), women, LGBTQ, and/or poor. Yet, advocates and funders of disability rights and justice say that philanthropy is only now beginning to recognise disability as a key element of its commitment to social justice, equity, and inclusion.” Continue reading this article by Kyoko Uchida.

Research: Resourcing Black Feminist Organising in Latin America and the Caribbean: Co-funded by FJS and Wellspring this research was produced as a result of a wish to learn and show up for Black feminist movements in the regions, strengthen the grantmaking and support, and encourage fellow funders to take the same journey. Through the research you can meet over 300 Black feminist organizations across 17 countries in Latin America and the Caribbean leading social justice issues despite an almost total lack of funding.

Article: Honoring and Supporting Women of Color Leaders: Authors Gail Christopher & Deepa Iyer honour women of color and raise the case why the social sector must recognize the full humanity, gifts, and genius of women of color leaders and the vital role support programs play in their well-being. Read more.

Article: Surfacing Systemic Injustices: “Nothing about us, without us.”: This article reflects the Surfacing Systemic (In)justices: A Community View report that presents the findings from an intensive European wide consultation process. The aim of the project was i) map experiences of systemic injustices for racially, socially, and economically marginalised groups and communities, and ii) to capture converging opportunities for change and action against systemic injustices. Read more.

Article: Combating hate crime: How can LGBTI organisations work with authorities? Tackling hate crimes against LGBTI people requires the cooperation of police authorities, but for different reasons, this doesn’t always happen. The European Commission has developed a guide for national authorities on how to work collaboratively with civil society organisations in combating hate crime. In this blog, ILGA shares ways in which LGBTI organisations can contribute to combating attacks against the LGBTI community, which are still on the rise across Europe. Read more on their blog post.

Project repository: Feminist Internet: Feminist internet hosts a collection of projects showing what different internets – and feminisms – could look like. From feminist and queer-friendly bots to podcasts, lectures, and publications. Visit and learn more.

Guidebook: Why am I always being researched? Created to help shift the power dynamic and the way community organisations, researchers, and funders uncover knowledge together, the guidebook offers an equity-based approach to research that restores communities as authors and owners. In this guidebook, Chicago Beyond explores how to begin levelling the playing field and reckon with unintended bias when it comes to research. Read more.

Do you have a great blog post, case study, or podcast you’d like to contribute? We would love to feature it. Contact us.


Global Philanthropy Tracker 2023: The 2023 Global Philanthropy Tracker represents data from 47 countries at all stages of economic development. It measures cross-border charitable giving and examines how philanthropy enables and enhances efforts to address complex challenges – from poverty, food insecurity, health, climate change to racial injustice to inequality facing women and girls.

Croatian Women’s Fund within SOLIDARNA Foundation has shared their latest campaign report, access it here to learn more about their work.

Research: Mapping the UK Women and Girls Sector and its Funding: This new research, shows the sector is ‘undervalued, under resourced, and ultimately, unsustainable.’ Commissioned by Rosa, the National Lottery Community Fund, and Esmée, conducted by the Centre for Regional Economic and Social Research, the report provides a quantitative analysis of data from sources including the Charity Commission and 360Giving.

Article: A self-assessment tool for foundations on participatory practices: “With the fragile state of democracy, growing inequality, social movements calling for action, and demands to address systemic injustices, philanthropic institutions are increasingly exploring participatory grantmaking. It seems that the concept of participation – involving people who are impacted by the grants a foundation gives – is resonating with philanthropic institutions. But do foundations know how to integrate participation?” Read more.

Article: Advancing racial equity for effective environmental grantmaking: Read this article to learn more about the Environmental Grantmakers Association (EGA) and their work on promoting just, effective philanthropy for people and the planet.

Report on funding movements: In the Resourcing Movements for the Long Haul report, US-basedGrow Power Fund evaluated six years of funding grassroots movements. In this report they focus on the key lessons and provide grantee spotlight.

Guide: Moving from Reflection to Action: a Guide on Transparency and Accountability for Philanthropic Organisations: This WINGS guide, produced in collaboration with the Transparency and Accountability Initiative (TAI), suitable for organisations of all sizes, from small local non-profits to large global organisations, provides practical steps to help design and implement effective transparency and accountability plans.

The Digital Freedom Fund just launched the call for grant applications: In this blog you can find all the details for the new call as well as some background information on their grantmaking. The current cycle will be open until 20 July.

Survey – Exploring 21st century philanthropy: Philea – Philanthropy Europe Association – invites philanthropic organisations and networks, civil society organisations, businesses, governments, media, think tanks and research institutions to join the conversation on the future of philanthropy and society by contributing insights to the survey “EXPLORING 21st century philanthropy survey” by 26 May.


Jobs and Tenders

Global Fund for Children – Finance Manager, UK. The Finance Manager (UK) will oversee GFC’s day-to-day financial processes including budgeting, reporting, compliance, and financial management of GFC’s active grants portfolio and will play a key part of improving our program delivery by supporting grant budget holders. They will be responsible for managing and reconciling grants budgets to actuals; prepare forecasts; maintain oversight of all financial transactions in the portfolio; and will be responsible for preparing financial reports. This position will be based in our London UK Trust office and will primarily report to the Vice President, Finance, in close intersection with the Finance Controller, both located in our DC office. Location: GFC is open to applications from candidates across the UK that are willing to travel regularly to our London office and to visit partners. Candidates are encouraged to apply as soon as possible.

Open Society Foundations – Director, Women’s Political Leadership Fund. The Open Society Foundations seek a dynamic executive to design and lead the Women’s Political Leadership Fund (WPLF), a new initiative supported by the Open Society Foundations. This new strategic fund will support progressive women to enter, succeed, and sustain their influence in formal political spaces. The fund will be specially designed to increase the political power of women fighting for democratic values and gender/racial justice, with a special focus on those coming from historically marginalised communities particularly in the Global South. Location: Remote. Deadline for applications is 22 May.

The National Lottery Community Fund – Deputy Director, Impact. The Deputy Director, Impact, will have responsibility for developing and implementing an impact strategy across all of the Funding portfolios that is able to robustly evidence the impact of the fund. This is a new role and an exciting time to be joining the organisation as they enter the next phase of their Strategy Renewal. As a senior leader, you will lead on the development of the organisation’s impact strategy and analytical functions whilst being a key representative of the Funding Strategy, Communications and Impact Directorate. Location: UK. Salary: Rest of UK £65,048 – £73,550, London £71,554 – £80,905. Deadline for application is 22 May.

The National Lottery Community Fund – Deputy Director, Digital and Service Design. The Deputy Director, Digital and Service Design, will have a crucial role to play in delivering the future vision and strategy. You will lead on developing our organisation’s digital strategy for the end–to-end experience of our communities of learning from and accessing The National Lottery Community fund – from the funding application process across all their products and services, understanding communities they are yet to reach, focussing on the current and future needs of their communities, customers, and stakeholders. This is a new role and an exciting time to be joining the organisation as we enter the next phase of our Strategy Renewal. As a senior leader, you will lead on the development of the organisation’s digital strategy including service design and be part of the leadership team of the Funding Strategy, Communications and Impact Directorate. Location: UK. Salary: Rest of UK £65,048 – £73,550, London £71,554 – £80,905. Deadline for application is 22 May.

The Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation – Production Assistant / Curatorship. The Calouste Gulbenkian Museum houses one of the most important private art collections in the world, gathered during Calouste Sarkis Gulbenkian’s lifetime. In addition to the Collection, the museum organises temporary exhibitions and other activities such as guided tours, workshops, conferences, among others. We are looking to enhance the team at the Calouste Gulbenkian Museum with a Production Assistant / Curatorship, who will be responsible for ensuring the activities associated with the documentation of the collection, supporting the team of Curators in the production and realisation of temporary exhibitions and curatorial projects. Location: Lisbon. Deadline for application is 25 May.

Global Greengrants Fund – Consultants to Analyze Compliance and Risk for Grants Payments Processes. Global Greengrants Fund is seeking consultancy support to review their grantmaking policies and procedures for regulatory compliance, risk mitigation, and best practices. The consultancy will build upon a previous due diligence review, conducted in 2019, as well as their current policies and procedures. As a global grantmaker, supporting over 1000 grantees in more than 80 countries on an annual basis, they are seeking guidance on resources and steps needed to address the global and local needs of their network. Deadline for applications is 25 May.

Digital Freedom Fund – Finance Officer. DFF is looking for a Finance Officer (part-time) to provide support in financial administration and management. The Finance Officer will work under the supervision of the Finance Manager. The team works completely remote with occasional meet-ups. They are based in various cities in Europe, with the majority based in Germany, where the Finance Officer will preferably be based (other locations can be considered). DFF is incorporated under Dutch law and must follow Dutch accounting standards, however, with most staff employed under German law, German employment and tax law are applicable. Salary: EUR 32,000 – 38,000. Location: remote, Europe. Deadline for applications is 28 May.

Global Fund for Children – Senior Programmes Associate, Masculinities Initiative. The Boys and Young Men (BYM) Initiative was a pilot launched by GFC in 2020 to support a new and innovative network of 10 community-based organisations across England focused on working with young people around positive, healthy and expansive masculinities. Phase Two of the initiative will focus on supporting community-led work that advances positive, expansive and healthy masculinities with boys and young men in different ways with a particular focus on meeting some of the gaps identified in our pilot – masculinities and trauma, masculinities and intersectional identities and masculinities and youth voice/leadership. The role will support cohort building between community-led organisations as well as support the development of a funder network for funders that work in this space. Location: GFC is open to applications from candidates across the UK that are willing to travel regularly to our London office and to visit partners. Deadline for applications is 30 May.

Global Fund for Children – Various roles, Young Gamechangers Fund. The Young Gamechangers Fund is a new and exciting UK funding initiative established through a dynamic partnership between the Co-op Foundation, the Co-op, Global Fund for Children, Restless Development and one other funder that share a common vision for the future of youth-led change. The Young Gamechangers Fund will be co-designed with youth activists to change the way that youth-led activism, social change and movement building is funded in the UK. Location: GFC is open to applications from candidates across the UK that are willing to travel regularly to our London office and to visit partners. Deadline for applications is 30 May.

Joseph Rowntree Charitable Trust – Rights & Justice Programme Manager. JRCT seeks a motivated, thoughtful, accountable and creative person with a personal commitment to social justice and transformative change. They will bring strong leadership, strategy and organisational skills to co-develop and co-manage the programme alongside the existing programme manager and in-coming programme assistant. The successful applicant will have strong communication skills and be able to handle sensitive and complex information. They will be comfortable working on their own and as part of a small team – including as part of a co-leadership model and working with a committee made up of trustees and external experts. Salary range: £69,402 – £79,022. Location: Remote, UK.  Deadline for applications is 31 May.

Global Greengrants Fund – Consultants to support Capacity-Building to Design and Implement Pilots of New Ideas and Strategies. Global Greengrants Fund is accepting proposals to help build their capacity to design and implement a series of pilot initiatives with our global network. The organisation has been on a strategic journey since 2022, which has generated a wealth of ideas and opportunities for innovation. They are seeking experienced consultant(s) who can help them build a methodology for participatory piloting, prototyping, and experimenting, including mechanisms for real-time evaluation and learning, and summarising the findings of the experience in a report. Deadline for applications is 1 June.

Ford Foundation – Program Officer, Civic Engagement and Government (Reflective Governance).  Ford Foundation seeks a Program Officer, Civic Engagement and Government (Reflective Governance) to lead its emerging reflective governance portfolio, supporting broad coalitions of actors outside and inside government to demonstrate how democratic government centered on justice can deliver for communities, particularly those long excluded from power, and seed new democracy. Salary: $165,000 – $185,000. Location: New York, NY. Deadline for applications is 2 June.

Grants Manager, Individuals – Paul Hamlyn Foundation. The Grants Manager – Individuals will be part of a small team within the Ideas and Pioneers Fund  which aims to support individuals with radical ideas that have the potential to improve the life chances and opportunities of people in the UK. As Grant Manager, and while reporting to the Head of Programme-Individuals, you will be involved in shaping the way the Fund operates, which we plan to re-open at the end of 2023. When the Fund is open you will lead on finding, assessing applications and supporting pioneers to ensure their ideas have the best conditions to thrive. There is a current portfolio of c 30 live grants that you will manage and you will be the primary point of contact between these individuals and PHF. Salary: £37,000 – £44,000 pa. Location: London. Deadline for application is 5 June.

Luminate Strategic Initiatives – Policy Director. Luminate Strategic Initiatives (LSI) is an exciting team at Luminate designed to scale its work on the threat posed by Big Tech. They aim to help advance a healthier information ecosystem by strengthening the integrity of digital media through litigation, campaigns, media, ecosystem support and policy development. The Policy Director will play a leading role in delivering LSI’s strategy, through policy position development, grantmaking, expertise and advocacy work. Location: The position can be based in Berlin, London or Brussels. Deadline for applications is 12 June.

2027 Associates Programme – Recruitment of grant-giving/social investment organisations to host associates: The 2027 Associates Programme is recruiting grant-giving/social investment organisations to host associates from October 2023 onwards. They offer a cost-effective way to find and develop talented people who self-define as working-class with lived experience of issues impacting communities. Email for more information.

Various positions – La Fondation Abbé Pierre
Various positions – Fondation de France
Various positions – Wikimedia Foundation
Various positions – American Jewish World Service (AJWS)
Various positions – Mama Cash 

*For more jobs, see the ‘Career Opportunities’ section of the Ariadne portalTo address pay gaps in the charity sector, we strongly encourage you to #showthesalary in your job adverts.


Public Meetings

Suvilahti, Helsinki & Online

World Village Festival – Power of Change
KIOS is participating in the World Village Festival taking place in Finland. Their programme will be on Saturday 27 May, from 12.10 to 12.30 Eastern European Time. They are hosting interview with Winnie Masai, who leads InformAction, a Kenyan organisation aiming to bring about change from the bottom up. You can follow the programme on the scene at Tiivistämö in the Suvilahti area or online. The event is free to attend!

San Jose, Costa Rica

Funders Event: Digital Freedom Fund in partnership with Derechos Digitales (Chile) are pleased to invite you to attend our workshop entitled “Solving Disconnected Strategic Litigation Funding” to be held in person at RightsCon (Costa Rica) on June 8 at 10:15-11:15 CST. The workshop is aimed at a variety of stakeholders (funders, subgranters, civil society organisations, etc.) and seeks to collectively live-map ways in which strategic litigation funding can have greater impact on a wider range of digital rights issues, with a focus on (but not limited to) environmental justice, workers’ rights, and bodily autonomy/integrity. Please consult the RightsCon programme for details on the space at the venue where the session will be held.

London, UK

Youth-led Grant Making – Past, Present, & Future. In 2021, Global Fund for Children launched the Spark Fund – an international youth-led participatory grantmaking initiative, that empowered young decision makers in four diverse regions (the Americas, Europe and Eurasia, South Asia, and Southern Africa) to design and develop a fund. Now, 40, mostly first-time, panelists and 15 countries later, Spark Fund panels have awarded over half a million dollars in flexible grant funding to organisations working on climate justice, gender equity, disability rights, LGBTQ+ rights, mental health, and education. Spark Fund grantees are actively supporting peacebuilding work at the border of Armenia and Azerbaijan; fighting to end period poverty in Lesotho; building climate resilience in Pakistan; protecting Indigenous cultural identity in Mexico; and more. But what has been learned & was it worth it? What long-term change has been achieved? And what happens next? Global Fund for Children and the Participatory Grantmaking Community invite you to join them to explore the future of youth-led participatory grantmaking. Date & time: Wed, 7 Jun 2023 15:30 – 18:00 BST. Location: Central London [VENUE TBC – London WC2N 5DU United Kingdom]. Register here.


POINT Conference POINT Conference is a platform where technology connects with politics, civil society, media and academia. It is the largest conference of this type in the South-East Europe (SEE) region. Since its first edition in 2012, the POINT Conference has become a unique meeting place for civic activists and civil society representatives from SEE, but also from all over the world, as well as a platform for exchanging ideas and innovative solutions to promote an accountable and open society. Dates: June 15th – 17th Register here.


Digital peacebuilding and intersectional feminism: Launch event of the report “Sealing the cracks”  How can we ensure that digital peacebuilding projects do not reinforce existing inequalities? How can a feminist lens to their approach and activities be ensured? What do we need to keep in mind during their implementation? There are numerous researchers and practitioners who explore how including intersectional feminist perspectives delivers more impactful results in peacebuilding processes. Other scholars investigate how gender-sensitive and feminist approaches need to be applied to digital technologies in order to reduce the risk of reproducing biases or even doing harm. The report Sealing the cracks. An intersectional feminist perspective on digital peacebuilding” explores how these two perspectives intersect in digital peacebuilding. This launch event will discuss the topics with a panel of peace practitioners, policymakers and researchers. Date & time: 31 May, 15:00 – 16:15 CEST. Location: Zoom. Register here.

“Protecting Your Mission in Challenging Environments: A Four-Step Approach for Grantmaking Organizations and NGOs to Manage Risk.” Pivot Brigade and Dutch partner, Justice for Prosperity Foundation, are hosting a complimentary webinar titled “Protecting Your Mission in Challenging Environments: A Four-Step Approach for Grantmaking Organisations and NGOs to Manage Risk.” The webinar will be followed by a course for field staff running legal, technical, and physical risks. This webinar is recommended for grantmaking organizations and CSOs operating in challenging, risky environments, such as LGBTQIA+, human rights, and environmental groups. Date & time: 31 May 2023, 3 PM. Register here.

The Climate Justice – Just Transition Donor Collaborative, in partnership with Impatience Earth, are hosting a webinar on Disability and Climate Justice.  People with disabilities will be among those hardest hit by climate change, yet remain profoundly overlooked in climate policy. Join this webinar to learn from people with disabilities how the climate crisis impacts disabled people, and why amplifying their voice is key for climate justice. Date & time: 28th June at 15.30 BST. Location: Zoom. Register here.

Effects Framework: Reimagining Property Purchasing as a strategic tool. Join Dreilinden, Wellspring Philanthropic Fund, and Global Philanthropy Project as they share insights on how property purchase grants can be a strategic pillar to achieve positive long-term effects on civil society organizations and the movements at large. The webinar will introduce the effects framework, a monitoring and evaluation tool developed through a participatory process, discuss some of the key effects that emerged during the development of the tool, and provide concrete examples of how the funders can integrate property purchase into their practice. This is a grantmaker-only event. Grantmakers include employees of public and private foundations, donor governments, corporate funders, high-net-wealth individuals, wealth advisories, and funder networks. Date & Time: 20 June, 10 am EDT/ 4 pm CEST/ 5 pm EAT. Location: Zoom. Register here.

Ariadne’s core operations are supported by the American Jewish World Service, Charles Stewart Mott Foundation, Oak Foundation, Open Society Foundations, Rockefeller Brothers Fund, and Sigrid Rausing Trust.

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