How we do it

‘I’ve got a lot out of the networking…’
Rachael Takens-Milne, Trust for London

Video: 22 seconds

‘A platform for enabling collaboration’
Deborah Guidetti, Open Society Initiative for Europe

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As a flexible network, Ariadne offers a mix of different tools to improve access to useful information and provide ways to connect with peers working in the field. It aims to do this as cost effectively as possible.

Online: members have access to a password-protected online portal which is used to share information, discuss issues of importance or questions around grant-making practice and coordinate events from your desk.

In person: funders meet up when they want to at the annual Ariadne Policy Briefing, the annual  Grants-Skills day and other events held across Europe in different languages addressing different topics focused on the needs of each local area.

By webinar and phone:  In response to member suggestions Ariadne hosts a number of webinars and tele-briefings on different topics throughout the year. These are often held in collaboration with our US based partner network the International Human Rights Funders Group, or with other organisations such as the European Foundation Centre.

By e-mail: Every month we summarise the top issues and research that has been published in this field, linking you in one place to many different documents, events and topics. We read hundreds of news- letters, working papers and legal judgments so that you don’t have to. Ariadne’s Thread reaches your e-mail inbox, directly. 

We work on the basis that every funder is looking to get something different out of the network. Ariadne is built in a way in which each funder can focus on their own needs and ignore topics and approaches that are not of interest.

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