Invitation to respond to research on climate justice and digital rights

Invitation to respond to research on climate justice and digital rights
August 12, 2022 Jana Stardelova

On June 12th we published a series of reports on the implications and intersections of climate justice for digital rights. In addition to Ariadne, this research was supported by Ford Foundation and Mozilla Foundation, it is part of a larger project that aims to integrate climate as part of digital rights philanthropic funding strategies.

While the primary audience for the research is digital rights funders or adjacent technology funders, we believe the work can be useful for other funders and organizations working in or across these issues, given that the climate crisis and technology touch other fields related to human rights, from migration to land tenure and indigenous rights.

We are in the early stages of learning how these two areas overlap and how we can best work on this intersection. We share the eight different pieces of research created by the Engine Room, APC, BSR, and OEDP/OC as a starting point for a conversation. We are committed to learning in the open and want to hear from you! What perspectives are missing? Who can we learn from in order to build a sustainable future internet in the next ten years?

Join us in our community reading groups and share your reflections, feedback, and ideas with us and the authors. The reading groups will take place online and the only prerequisite to joining is that you have read the research that will discuss that week (usually no more than 30 pages of reading). Each call will take place on Zoom and last 1 hour long.

RSVP here:

Registration cap at 20 people per conversation.

Organizers: Fieke Jansen, Maya Richman, Michelle Thorne

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