Susan Treadwell Change Lab

Susan Treadwell Change Lab
January 25, 2024 Molly Mathews

Susan Treadwell Change Lab

Transformative justice, the work of addressing harm at the root, outside the mechanism of the
state, so that we can grow into the right relationship with each other.
– adrienne maree brown

Susan Treadwell’s courage and unwavering commitment to systemic change
continue to inspire our work.

In honour of the late Susan Treadwell, we are launching a learning journey for philanthropy
practitioners who live at intersecting sites of oppression, along the lines of race, gender, class,
disability, religion, sexuality, and other forms of identity. We particularly welcome practitioners
from racialised, migrant and global majority communities. Facilitated by Ariadne and developed
with participants, this programme will embed opportunities for an iterative approach and
collective action.

The Lab offers Ariadne’s members a unique opportunity to be embedded in innovation and
collaboration within the European philanthropic space, and absorbs the risk faced by
foundations when they test new approaches and strategies.

We are building on the work of practitioners in abolitionist futures, reparative philanthropy,
community power, international solidarity movements. We are inspired by ongoing collective
explorations, such as Funders for Race Quality Alliance, Robert Bosch Stiftung’s funding
towards intersectional practice, and Astraea Foundation’s efforts on gender justice and human
rights, and many more.

We see our journey towards justice as a collective one. We invite the most
ambitious foundations and trusts on this journey. Here is why you should join us:
– Contribute towards a one of its kind learning journey that brings together transnational
practitioners who live at intersecting sites of oppression, particularly, those from the
racialised, migrant and global majority communities, focusing on intersectional and
reparative approaches to philanthropy.
– Develop trust amongst a cohort of most ambitious and transformative grant giving
– Change dominant narratives and normalise taking a historical and anti-oppressive lens
to your funding.
– Space for solidarity building, deeper connections, mutual support and exploration.
– Supporting participants to develop and further their own strategies for developing an
intersectional and reparative approach to funding
– Personal and collective grant pot for experiments and trials for building communities of

We know that forms of injustices and oppression are interconnected. Our aim is
resourcing and making cross border solidarity visible and attainable. Here are our
guiding principles and approaches:
– Adopting an anti-oppression, transnational and intersectional approach throughout the
learning journey.
– Taking a historical lens to current systems of inequalities and dominant narratives, as
effects of different European and colonial histories of occupation, slavery, genocide, and
imperialism and racial capitalism.
– Creative approaches to collectively visioning towards alternative futures and building
communities of care.
– Embracing a collective, solidarity-building, sharing learning and acknowledging individual
and collective accountability on shifting structural inequalities.
– Centering the need for care, healing, and replenishment, acknowledging that participants
joining the learning journey will come with past and present experiences of personal and
professional trauma.

We’re looking to work with 5-7 foundations and trusts from Europe.
We’re inviting two practitioners from each organisation to join the cohort, with the following
criteria and commitments:
– Open to Ariadne Network member foundations and trust (existing and new ones). To join
the network, please contact our engagement manager.
– Practitioners who live at intersecting sites of oppression, along the lines of race, gender,
class, disability, religion, sexuality, and other forms of identity. We particularly welcome
practitioners from racialised, migrant and global majority communities.
– Practitioners with access to decision-making spaces within their foundations and trusts,
they can be at different levels of seniority.
– Commit to six meetings over 18 months – a mix of webinars, a two-day retreat and a
launch trip to Tbilisi in April 2024.

How to express your interest
To express your interest, fill out this form by 26 Feb 2024 (Each practitioner needs to complete a form, if there are more than to practitioners self-nominating themselves, we welcome all to submit individually). We’ll then set up a call with you.

Our first cohort gathering will be in Tbilisi during Ariadne’s annual event, if selected participants
are unable to join, we will have a follow up meeting in May. Full expenses will be covered for
participants. More details will be shared with the cohort.

In the case of being oversubscribed for this year, Ariadne will select a cohort mix that would
bring a different range of complementary issues and challenges to be explored as a collective.
Those not joining the cohort will still be invited to actively engage in Ariadne’s events and
community hub.

For any additional questions, please email Tatevik Sargsyan who is leading this work (

Want to learn more about the Lab or have questions?

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