Martin Modlinger

Martin Modlinger

Martin has been working in philanthropy and philanthropy networks long enough to realise that we all need to work together for meaningful or even systemic change – and that trust, openness and a willingness to step into discomfort are crucial elements of this path.

He has served (and is still serving) as Executive Director of Renewable Freedom Foundation, he is a member of Leap Collective, PEX and #VertrauenMachtWirkung, an alumnus of the Global Engagement Lab, and has supported EDGE Funders Alliance and other networks and initiatives inside and outside the philanthropic sector. He co-founded and co-led the Center for the Cultivation of Technology, a host organisation for open source and tech for social change projects, and is especially interested in the intersections of issues, approaches and solutions.

He holds a PhD in History and Culture from the University of Cambridge and MAs in similar fields of the humanities where imagination meets analysis.

Martin is unsure about the usefulness of bios and invites anyone who has read this far to contact him and chat about philanthropy, social change, activism, care, community health, organising – or obscure fiction and food.

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