Susan Treadwell

Susan Treadwell

Susan Treadwell, Deputy Director of the Open Society Initiative for Europe, passed away in November 2020 after a long battle with cancer. 

Susan was an Ariadne member from the network’s earliest days and served on the Advisory Board from 2017.  She was a lively presence at all of our events, both onstage and off, and could usually be found by following the sound of her infectious laugh.  Always ready with a question or thoughtful observation, she challenged us to do better and think bigger while helping to create a warm and welcoming community wherever she went.

During her 17 years at OSF, she was a champion of human rights and gender and racial justice movements across Europe and proved herself time and again to be a visionary and strategic thinker. 

With Susan’s passing, we have lost a great mind and a bright light in the human rights and philanthropic sector. 

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