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Membership Fast Lane for Existing Member-Organisations

Is your organisation already a member of Ariadne? If so, and your primary role is related to grant-making or philanthropy (i.e., not fundraising), then you automatically qualify for Ariadne membership. Membership approval is granted to the organisation, and the organisation’s voluntary membership fee covers their entire staff. To sign up to Ariadne and receive all the member benefits, send an email to

  • What works about Ariadne isn’t just the continued, thoughtful growth of the organisation, or the numerous events, seminars and policy briefings that expand our views, it is also about the spirit of the team you have created: the warmth with which members greet each other and the freedom to share differing views, yet be united by a larger vision.

    However, there is something else that illuminates Ariadne: an inherent elegance about the entire enterprise, from the vision, to the name, to the online portal, and to the ’Ariadne’’s Thread newsletter that we receive….

    Angela SeayPolden Puckham Charitable Foundation

How to join Ariadne

Participation in Ariadne is open to grant-makers and donors who are based in Europe and invest a minimum of €20,000 annually to support social change and human rights globally. Additionally, funders who are based outside Europe, but invest a minimum of €20,000 per year to support social change and human rights in Europe are also eligible.

Ariadne welcomes donors of all kinds, including individual donors, staff of private foundations, trusts, corporate foundations, and hybrid foundations. It also includes staff of funder affinity groups and some consultants working in this field, on condition that they do not use the network to seek work. Ariadne also accepts some statutory funders on a case-by-case basis, in consultation with its Advisory Board.  All institutional members of Ariadne must demonstrate that their grant-making processes are independent of any government or inter-governmental agency, even if they receive public funding.

An additional condition for participating in Ariadne is that the organisation an individual represents must engage primarily in philanthropy. Two ways of measuring this are: that 60% or more of its total expenditure is spent on grant-making, or that it draws more than 60% of its expenditure from its own income sources such as an endowment or annual allocation from a principal benefactor.

Ariadne is not an organisation in which any kind of grant-seeking takes place.

The final decision on participation in Ariadne lies with the Ariadne Advisory Board, which is composed of Ariadne members.

If you believe you meet the criteria above and would like to join Ariadne, or if you have a question about applying, please contact us through the button below.

We ask that institutional applicants for membership provide us with:

  • An application form
  • A recent financial statement demonstrating the percentage of expenditure going towards grant-making and/or the percentage of income drawn from own sources
  • The foundation’s most recent annual report (if applicable)

Individual donors wishing to join Ariadne may simply submit an application form.

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