Ariadne Forecast 2015: What’s next for social change and human rights funders?

Ariadne Forecast 2015: What’s next for social change and human rights funders?
December 9, 2014 Jo Andrews

prediction-panoblackwriting-biggerlettersIt’s nearly time to turn the lights out on 2014 and to welcome in 2015. If your life has been anything like mine, I feel I have hardly had a chance to raise my head from all the e-mails and think about the practice of philanthropy or what’s coming down the road next year. To give us all the space to lift our heads a little and gaze in the middle distance, Ariadne is creating the first Ariadne Forecast, a look at what Ariadne participants predict the weather for social change and human rights funders will be in 2015, plus consideration of the changes we think are coming for our grantees in the issue areas and geographies we work on.

Ariadne now has a broad enough network to enable us to look at this from several locations as a participatory process. So if you would like to hear the predictions of senior grant-makers and find out what your peers are thinking you can come to meetings in either London, The Hague or Brussels*, where we will be providing culturally appropriate refreshment (hot chocolate in London, aperitif in Brussels and dinner in The Hague), to encourage you to share your ideas and listen to others.
If you are an Ariadne member and you can’t make any of the meetings we would still like to hear from you! See the six questions we are looking for answers to.*
In February we will upload the final result as the completed 2015 Ariadne Forecast on this web-site, and at the very least it will give us all something to laugh or weep about as 2015 draws to a close and we prepare to welcome in 2016.
*Note: Links in this post require logging in to the Ariadne Portal.
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