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One of Ariadne’s functions is to provide resources for funders. These are created by the Ariadne community, sometimes in collaboration with other networks. Detailed access is through the private Ariadne portal, but public facing versions can found here. Every year Ariadne creates an Annual Forecast for the social change and human rights sector. This looks at trends and the changing environment, globally and at country level in a number of European jurisdictions. One of the central problems grant-makers face in their work is Challenging the Closing Space for Civil Society, a global trend that seeks to limit or, in some countries destroy, civil society. Ariadne has helped to create an Action Guide so funders can understand and counter this trend. Ariadne also collects grant-making data annually from social change funders as part of a global project to provide Knowledge Tools. Access to detailed data from this is only via the Ariadne portal, but the overall funding trends and a list of the top 25 funders in every field is issued publicly. These and more can be found in Resources for Funders.

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